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Time & yogurt

“The trouble is, you think you have time.”-Gautama Buddha

I read this quote the other morning and it really got me thinking about the concept of time. Like how I say I’ll get out for that stroll in the sunshine tomorrow; I’ll apply to that cooking school later down the road; I’ll travel more when I’m older; perhaps next weekend I’ll bust out that yogurt maker and use it; etc.

The sad reality is I am extremely guilty of putting off things because I think I’ll have more time later, but later often never comes. Eek! Take for example something as simple as my yogurt maker example. I was really tired of not being able to get yogurt when I want, plus all you hear now on the news is you are being lied to about ingredients, who needs that? My friends knew and purchased me a yogurt maker for Christmas….cough, cough….last year. I cannot tell you time and time again how I thought, “okay next weekend I’m busting out my bad as$ yogurt maker and getting busy”….. next week never came.

As simple as using a yogurt maker is I could have made time.

Well, tomorrow is today and why aren’t we all living for now? I’m not saying I’m going off the deep end and quitting my day job to take up my daydreams of becoming 100% self-sufficient with our food source, but maybe I’ll work on making time to fit in the yogurt making adventures.

Does the quote have you thinking? Want to take a new class to learn a new skill? Find one in your area, adjust your schedule to make that time and take it! Do you want more family time? Make it a priority and do it! Want to travel to other countries, visit us Bees? Start putting back bits of extra money and come see us!

Everything isn’t as simple as it seems on paper. I know life throws you all sorts of curveballs and then wouldn’t you know it….that sneaky time factor pops right back up and tends to hold you back. All I’m saying is I, we, are guilty of thinking that there will be time later. Start small and don’t get overwhelmed you will start to see those exciting changes soon! Remember time is a precious gift, don’t miss out by taking a rain check that you may never fulfill. None of us know really how long we’ve got to use the gift of time.

Today’s challenge…. Think about the quote and really let it set in. What do you currently make time for and what do you really want to make time for?

And since tomorrow is today, I’ll share my yogurt making adventures with you all. It actually turned out surprisingly simple! The only pain point was waiting on the milk to cool…but with that extra time I took a shower, ate lunch and started typing up a new blog post. But as you and I both know, only time will tell with the results we get…. No pun intended. Ha-Ha!

I used my BOmann yogurt maker and bought this freeze-dried yogurt starter with probiotic from Amazon. It took me some time to decide what starter I wanted, also keeping in mind I didn’t have the option for the starters that must maintain refrigerated during shipping process. This one had a lot of really positive reviews too.

I started off by washing each of the glass containers out that come with the BOmann yogurt maker in very hot soapy water.

Then I started to prepare the yogurt and starter like so:

1. Heat about 4 cups; or 1 litre; or 1 quart; of Organic Valley milk to 180F (82C), or bring to the boiling point
2. Cool the milk down to 73-77F (23-25C)
3. Dissolve 1 packet (5g) of the culture in the cooled milk, I gently whisked it all until it was well mixed
4. Pour the yogurt mixture evenly into the glasses, but do not cap each glass
5. Set timer and incubate yogurt mixture for 8-10 hours, or until it reaches your desired firmness. Carefully remove the lid, watch so that the condensation doesn’t drip off into the yogurt jars.
6. Refrigerate once done and enjoy as you’d like! We love to top with fun seasonal fruits and nuts.

Dedicated to my grandparents who still show me that there isn’t such a thing as too much time spent with me.


Kuala Lumpur Day 3

I was pretty excited for the evening of day three because I knew that it consisted of sipping on something refreshing while taking in some the best panoramic night views of the city and Petronas Towers. Again, using my trusty, “36 Hours Travel Guide”, we headed off to the SkyBar. The Skybar is located in Traders Hotel on the 33rd floor and is a “Top 10 Must Do in KL Attractions”.The bar is open from 10am -1am (3am on weekends), weekdays are much more low-key.

Skybar is an open pavilion with swimming pool by day and a cool, sleek, sophisticated bar by night. One travel tip that I did take from my guide was to call ahead for reservations of the couches located right next to the huge windows that align the Skybar. Why? Just look at the views below. I really wouldn’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to have a clear shot. The dress code is smart casual, also known as genius casual for Mr. B (inside joke).

I asked our waiter if people ever go for a swim in the evening and was told that yes people do indeed swim in the evening, however never quite plan on that swim. Word to the wise, watch your step as you sip on those drinks. Luckily we three didn’t see any or plan on partaking in one of those unplanned swims.

Our intention was just to grab one drink, relax and take in the views before heading off to dinner. Well we got there and were memorized by the view and ordered mojitos that were oh so smooth…Yep, this place really Harry Pottered us right on into more drinks and a pre-dinner appetizer. Well played Skybar, well-played.

Now that we got to see the towers at night, I couldn’t wait to see them up close during the day!


Could you handle that gorgeous views with a refreshing cocktail in hand?


Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
50088 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

+60 3-2332 9888

Kuala Lumpur Day 1

For Memorial Day weekend we Bees hopped a flight to visit a friend in Kuala Lumpur. It took us 6 hours in total and we flew Malaysian Air. I was a bit uneasy at first when I realized we booked with the airline, however in the end we arrived safe and sound at KUL -Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It didn’t take much time to clear customs and grab our baggage before we met up and were greeted with a welcome sign from our friend Luis.

We loaded our baggage up in the car, the car with the steering wheel on the right side I might add. We three giggled about that car the entire time we were there. For only being there for a few months, Luis quickly got acclimated with driving on the opposite side of the road from S.Korea and the US. It was comical to watch Mr. B’s reaction sitting as a passenger on the left side of the car and not the right. At times it often feels like the car beside you is going to turn into you, or you see the passenger on the left side where we are used to seeing the driver absolutely not paying attention and you think, “Oh lord they are going to crash that car! Pay attention!!” Then after your short moment of panic you remember that the driver is on the right side and not the left. whew.

It took us about 40-45 minutes to arrive at Luis’s home in Damansara. Damansara is a central commercialized hub that houses several affluent residential areas. His home was located within walking distance to two large malls and multiple shopping complexes. Very convenient! We arrived just in time to see his neighborhood in the daylight and to watch the sunset from his balcony and gorgeous tall windows.

We got all settled in and decided we needed to grab dinner and drinks. We talked about our travel plans for the duration of the trip, as well as caught up discussing whats been going on in all of our lives. It was so peaceful sipping on our margaritas and people watching from an outdoor balcony that overlooked a twinkle light lit marketplace. I just sat back and took it all in! “So this is Malaysia,” I thought to myself feeling so excited that we were actually here.


Do you have any plans for Memorial Day weekend?