Monthly Archives: March 2017

Turning One

EEK! I can’t believe our little baby bee has turned one!

We threw a ridiculously big ‘ol Mickey and Minnie clubhouse celebration. And wouldn’t you know it, a clubhouse celebration isn’t complete without some good grub too! YEY!!

The Birthday menu included the following:
Hammy hamburgers & saucy sausages (grilled hamburgers and sweet sausages with grilled onions and green peppers all slow cooked in tomato sauce)
Clarabell cows condiments
Donald’s dippers (baby carrots with ranch dip)
Goofys grapes (red & green grapes)

Oh toodles noodles (homemade macaroni salad)
Pluto’s punch (juice for the mini clubhouse guest)
Chip & Dales chips & dip (hummus and pita chips)
We’ve got beers say cheers! (homemade brews)
Vanilla Cake with a strawberry filling and ice-cream


While of course, she may not remember it……we absolutely will and we made sure to document it too.

Bumblebee was surrounded by our/her friends that love on her and support her and help her to grow into her feisty little self.

Thinking back over this entire year seems so long, but yet so short. Where does a year go? This very day, one year ago, the day we first met this amazing blessing for the very first time. Then the realization hit that we don’t do parenthood alone… Bumblebee is a lucky little lady to have these amazing role models in her life. Thank you all!