Brewing Resources

2016-09-30-14-02-06A long time ago I was introduced into craft beers by a close friend of mine, Matt.  At the time I didn’t like beer, wine or even alcohol for that matter.  I would go to a beer pub and listen to him talk for hours on how each of the beers were different and how each region had specific rules/laws about its production.  At the time I took most of it for granted however now I enjoy talking to him on the phone about brewing in detail.  Sharing podcasts shows/episodes, magazine articles and websites…thanks Matt you have created a monster.

I am happy to share those tid bits of information with everyone here.

Our Hardware & Software Help Docs

  • BrewPi and Raspberry Pints on a single Raspberry Pi – This is a 28 page (in Word/pdf) help document that I created to walk users through setting up a dual server Raspberry Pi.  The help document can be used by everyone, no experience is necessary to get this to work.

Software & Monitoring/Controlling Hardware

  • Beersmith – we are a fan of any Mac friendly cross platform solution…seamless transition from iPhone/iPad to Mac.  This software is an industry standard in tracking all brewing related processes.  Tools and converters are readily accessible within the software/app.
  • Untappd – social media software that can assist you in choosing beers and rating those that you and your friends have responsibly enjoyed.
  • BrewPi – Great project for those DIYers out there.  The BrewPi is a temperature controller (chambers or direct chillers) that uploads and is controlled via a Raspberry Pi web server (check out ours here).  Future versions are claiming to also RIMS-HERMS brewing.
  • CraftBeerPi – RaspberryPi project which currently supports RIMS – HERMS brewing.  Future versions are expected to support fermenting (temperature controller) as well.
  • RaspberryPints – Another RaspberryPi project (running a web server) that allows you to display beers on tap.  This does allow for integration of keg monitoring devices.  See our project here.


  • Experimental Brewing – our favorite podcast hands down.  This show is very informative and entertaining, Denny and Drew are great brewers and make the show fun.
  • Beersmith (both video & audio posdcasts) – greatly respected for his contribution with Beersmith software, Brad Smith has a great podcast for all levels of beer enthusiasts and home brewers.  Many guests and many topics.
  • The Brewing Network
    • The Home Brew Chef – beer nerds and foodies rejoice
    • The Jamil Show – Each episode features & discusses a unique beer/style.
    • Can You Brew It? – a show dedicated to creating clones
    • Brew Strong – Jamil and John Palmer host a Q&A style show for homebrewers to ask the experts
    • The Session – Entertaining show about all topics for craft / homebrewing, with a large cast.
    • The Sour Hour – dedicated to Sour Beers and wild yeasts

YouTube Channels

  • Time4Another1 – excellent, professional reviews and advice.  Sadly this brewer is no longer with us and his site is upkept by friends.
  • Brewing TV – hundreds of episode on everything related to home brewing and craft beers.
  • Craft Beer & Brewing – great informative videos on home brewing and related projects.
  • Beer Geek Nation – more focused on beers themselves versus home brewing.
  • Northern Brewer TV – great how-to and product demonstration videos.
  • BEER-N-BBQ By Larry – beer and BBQ…’nuff said.

Specific Videos

  • Microbes After Hours – The Microbiology of Beer


  • American Homebrewers Association – great resource with a membership that includes a monthly magazine.  Many discounts for members.
  • How to Brew – From John Palmer who is a world renowned expert in brewing, this is his online book/reference set…and it’s free.
  • Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine – Magazine, book and video online resource center.  Great professional videos and literature.
  • YCH Hops – This web resource explains in detail 127 different hop varieties.  The website also allow you to compare varieties and look up specifics on lot numbers.

Stores / Retailers

  • More Beer – These guys are great not only because they have a huge selection but they are usually lower priced than anyone else.  The biggest bonus is that they can ship to APO addresses.  Great pricing on equipment and beer kits.  Extremely fast shipping too.
  • Northern Brewer – Easy to navigate website that has everything.  These guys have it all from equipment to beer kits.  They have one of the largest selections around.  They are typically higher priced however they offer several items that can’t be found anywhere else (as cheap) like the Maelstrom® stir plate.
  • Seoul Homebrew – FAST shipping! Most items we have ordered arrive at our door in 3 days.  Local…we like to support our local businesses to ensure they stay around.  Excellent customer service…these guys are great, hands down amazing customer service.  They helped Mrs. B pick out a perfect beer kit for my birthday and spent over an hour on the phone gathering information to ensure that I would like the customized kit.  They have a great website (english and korean) and you can place order via Paypal for easy secure payment.  Many items are less expensive than US based / online stores as well.
  • SsBrewTech – Amazing customer service.  We have reached out to their customer service many times regarding items they have…our questions are usually answered within minutes and the longest one taking over night…this is excellent due to the timezone differences.  Very fast shipping as well, they ship to APOs too.
  • Amazon – Well you can’t live overseas and not list Amazon.  The only downside is that depending on the seller they may not ship to APO address OR they may take a long time to ship.  Selection…it’s Amazon…huge selection.  Rare beer kits…they offer some rare clone kits that are simply amazing.