Kuala Lumpur Day 1

For Memorial Day weekend we Bees hopped a flight to visit a friend in Kuala Lumpur. It took us 6 hours in total and we flew Malaysian Air. I was a bit uneasy at first when I realized we booked with the airline, however in the end we arrived safe and sound at KUL -Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It didn’t take much time to clear customs and grab our baggage before we met up and were greeted with a welcome sign from our friend Luis.

We loaded our baggage up in the car, the car with the steering wheel on the right side I might add. We three giggled about that car the entire time we were there. For only being there for a few months, Luis quickly got acclimated with driving on the opposite side of the road from S.Korea and the US. It was comical to watch Mr. B’s reaction sitting as a passenger on the left side of the car and not the right. At times it often feels like the car beside you is going to turn into you, or you see the passenger on the left side where we are used to seeing the driver absolutely not paying attention and you think, “Oh lord they are going to crash that car! Pay attention!!” Then after your short moment of panic you remember that the driver is on the right side and not the left. whew.

It took us about 40-45 minutes to arrive at Luis’s home in Damansara. Damansara is a central commercialized hub that houses several affluent residential areas. His home was located within walking distance to two large malls and multiple shopping complexes. Very convenient! We arrived just in time to see his neighborhood in the daylight and to watch the sunset from his balcony and gorgeous tall windows.

We got all settled in and decided we needed to grab dinner and drinks. We talked about our travel plans for the duration of the trip, as well as caught up discussing whats been going on in all of our lives. It was so peaceful sipping on our margaritas and people watching from an outdoor balcony that overlooked a twinkle light lit marketplace. I just sat back and took it all in! “So this is Malaysia,” I thought to myself feeling so excited that we were actually here.


Do you have any plans for Memorial Day weekend?


  1. KL was much greener than I for reason expected! We had really good time there and would love to return. Many say there isn’t a lot to see but we found it pleasant. And food was very good! Are you now back in South Korea?

    1. We had a blast and couldn’t agree more with you saying you’d love to return. We are now back home again in South Korea. Any new trips planned in your near future?

      1. Maybe Finland in late June/early July.

        I’ve had this obsession about South of France (Côte d’Azur) since I returned from India, but it is so xxx expensive! Let’s see. It is awfully cold in Paris, so would like to spend some time in the sun…

        And you? Going to the US any time soon?

        1. No plans for the US in my immediate thoughts, but you never know. The South of France, any part of France rather, sounds lovely right about now. Even with my ear, nose, throat thing HAHA.

          1. A couple of last times my husband has had such bad weather in Finland (remember snow in May!) that he is afraid to come to Finland this summer 😉

  2. What a great way to spend Memorial Day weekend! I love traveling to places with friends who can help guide you to local places. Looking forward to seeing more posts about this trip!~

  3. Lucky you! Southeast Asia is on our radar for next year after my husband is done with grad school. We have friends in Singapore, and are thinking of combining it with Malaysia or Indonesia. I’m taking notes on your trip!

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