More Weekending

Sorry for the delay! The past two weekends have been jam-packed with post op eye check ups for the Bees, baking surprise “Mac and cheese” and balsamic chicken for dinner, meeting up with Kelsey in Gangnam, repotting our herbs and house plants, a little reminder of America with a dinner at Chili’s, a nice countryside drive, “gorilla gardening”, a really nice leisure evening 5 mile walk, finally getting to see what creature makes the strangest noise in the early AM on the hillside out back of our place (spoiler alert, it’s a pheasant), exploring Pyeongtaek, getting to see and hang out at Kelsey’s humble abode while catching up over her recent trip to Japan (she spoiled us with treats too!)and of course ending it all with new flavors of potbingsoo’s at the Sulbing cafe while taking in views of the Ho Bar (no really that’s the name of it).

Here’s a smattering of photographs to share all the fun with you all.




Yongho-dong: 창원시 의창구 용호동 73-24번지 2층


    1. The eyes are great now! It’s as if I never wore glasses or contacts before. Best feeling ever! Thank you so much for asking, you are such a doll.

  1. i’ve decided that when i make my way to south korea that the only thing i want to do is eat.
    i’m currently having {second} breakfast at the edinburgh airport and going through your last two posts make me want to go on a hunt for third.
    SO delicious looking.

    1. Oh goodness! Please come now! We’ve got wonderful places to share with you and fill that third breakfast void. 😉 How’s your travels so far??

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