Delicious Post-op

What a delicious post-op we had this weekend in Gangnam. Surprisingly after living here over three years, we’ve never really ventured out in Gangnam. Kelsey met us before our eye appointment with plans to grab lunch together afterwards.

The weather was just beautiful! A perfect Spring day! After getting an all clear on both of our eyes we strolled around the main and back streets of Gangnam, with our shades on of course. There were just so many delicious choices! Eventually we settled on Indian.

Mano is an Indian restaurant with some Korean fusion. I think the photos below say it all. Spicy and delicious! We’d defiantly will go back in the near future for more. Plus I’m lusting over their collection of Le Creuset serving dishes. Just gorgeous! (On my wish list)

We had to take Kelsey to experience the cutesy Ann House Cafe. Her only request for this weekend was to enjoy Potbingsu before leaving on her holiday to Japan. We all ordered different versions of Potbingsu, butt spoons and all. Can you guess who ordered what?

Until our next post-op adventures.




By subway: Gangnam, outside Exit 4 of Sinnonhyun Station. The restaurant is on located on your left. 2F of 619-18 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Phone Number: 02-568-2007.

Deliveries available: http://www.λ¨Έλ…Έ.com


  1. Congrats Sarah on your LASIK Op!!! I had mine done 4 years ago in Singapore and I know how you felt when you woke up the next day. Kinda felt reborn in my case. Feels so good not having to “feel around” the bedside table for my glasses anymore! πŸ™‚

  2. i love the photos! omg totally obsessed over the cute dishes too … also that little loveseat thing at the end. πŸ˜‰

  3. Good old Gangnam:) Looks like a very nice place. It’s been years since my last visit to Seoul, but I’ll be back in August, and I’m keeping myself updated through your blog:)

    1. @ Pink Wings the Le Creuset was gorgeous! Honestly the entire place was so sleek. I fell in love instantly. I am always a sucker for Indian foods though. Patbingsoo is insane! All different kinds! Strawberry, cheesecake, chocolate. I find myself being an original type patbingsoo lover myself. Mmmm sweet red beans!

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