Kuala Lumpur Day 3

I was pretty excited for the evening of day three because I knew that it consisted of sipping on something refreshing while taking in some the best panoramic night views of the city and Petronas Towers. Again, using my trusty, “36 Hours Travel Guide”, we headed off to the SkyBar. The Skybar is located in Traders Hotel on the 33rd floor and is a “Top 10 Must Do in KL Attractions”.The bar is open from 10am -1am (3am on weekends), weekdays are much more low-key.

Skybar is an open pavilion with swimming pool by day and a cool, sleek, sophisticated bar by night. One travel tip that I did take from my guide was to call ahead for reservations of the couches located right next to the huge windows that align the Skybar. Why? Just look at the views below. I really wouldn’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to have a clear shot. The dress code is smart casual, also known as genius casual for Mr. B (inside joke).

I asked our waiter if people ever go for a swim in the evening and was told that yes people do indeed swim in the evening, however never quite plan on that swim. Word to the wise, watch your step as you sip on those drinks. Luckily we three didn’t see any or plan on partaking in one of those unplanned swims.

Our intention was just to grab one drink, relax and take in the views before heading off to dinner. Well we got there and were memorized by the view and ordered mojitos that were oh so smooth…Yep, this place really Harry Pottered us right on into more drinks and a pre-dinner appetizer. Well played Skybar, well-played.

Now that we got to see the towers at night, I couldn’t wait to see them up close during the day!


Could you handle that gorgeous views with a refreshing cocktail in hand?


Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
50088 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

+60 3-2332 9888


  1. I was wondering where you had disappeared! Enjoy your trip. Where else will you be traveling? Have fun 🙂

        1. Thank you! Well.. batteries are sort of low. I lost my voice somehow and have a wicked ear, nose, throat thing going on. I really think it might have been the Korean air / allergies when we got back.

          1. Oh that is too bad!! Is it that polluted?

            Well, my hair has been funny since I got back to Paris and I blame pollution 🙂

          2. Many visitors complain about Parisian air making hair greasy and I only now understand what they mean!

          3. Did you read that article some weeks ago, which said that in fact Indian cities are much worse than Chinese?

          1. You can find good deals and there are enough of airlines (except between France and Finland).
            In my opinion, at least in France, it is the accommodation that is expensive.

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