Weekends….If my bathing suit asks, tell it there’s only been carrot sticks and fruit smoothies for this gal. HA HA.

Mr. B’s Uncle, Kelsey’s father, and Kelsey’s close friend Meghan were in town this weekend. Kelsey’s been playing tour guide around Seoul and asked if we all could meet up at Kervan for a late lunch, followed up by a stop at Passion 5 and Softree for a sweet treat, then onto adult beverages at Reilly’s Taphouse. Of course we gladly accepted the offer.

We all had a blast chatting the evening away. A storm that was brewing most of the afternoon finally made its appearance, but even that didn’t put a damper on our fun!

(Kervan) Serving excellent turkish cuisine. Every dish was favorable and delicious! Check out that balloon bread! The service was fast and brought almost all of the food out together. I swooned over the beautiful lanterns and the tiles on the wall, red and turquoise blue. It wasn’t terribly busy when we arrived so we were seated rather quickly while we waited on the rest of our group.

Mr. B’s Uncle opening the door to Passion 5 with the huge Harry Potter like chandelier hanging in the back. I love that thing! It looks like it is floating in mid-air in the evening.

The service at Passion 5 however not so fantastic this time around. Let me digress, the bakery was rather busy, but we felt that we were looked over continuously because we were foreigners. The biggest turn off was when we finally were assisted with picking out the desserts we wanted, the young woman wouldn’t make eye contact and had a curled lip the entire time she was pulling each mini pie or cake out of the display case. When we asked for everything to be packed up to go as well as forks because there was no seating available, we weren’t given a bag and asking for forks was as if we had asked for her first newborn. Don’t worry this experience didn’t kill our spirit either.

(Softree) This was my choice for dessert. I opted for the classic honey chip this time.

(Rileys Taphouse) This was the first time we went to Rileys, we got there just in time too. We were seated at a nice hightop table perfect for people watching. Side note, can I ask when the high wasted shorts and midriff tops and neon glasses without lenses came back? Meh, what do I know? I am certainly no Fashionista. I just cannot get down with this recent fashion craze. We enjoyed a round of cider and ales and playing around with my new camera. We absolutely plan to go back!

Happy weekending to you too!




Reilly’s Taphouse & Restaurant

Passion 5


  1. Well, hello to beautiful and delish Turkish cuisine! Love me some Turkish bread…there’s none other like it! Looks like a fun weekend with family and friends. Are you making your plans to get on over to Turkey once we arrive?

  2. I remember those high-waisted jeans and shorts from the 90s and when pictures of us from high school and middle school pop up on facebook, there is a collective groan. I’m sure my younger sister, who LOVES high-waisted shorts, will have the same experience in about 10 years 🙂

  3. I was not very happy the last time I went to Passion 5, too. The ladies wrapping my items at the register looked down and giggled and laughed the whole time. They let a red pepper fall off my bread as they were wrapping it. I reached over and grabbed it and ate it because I was paying for it. I wanted to eat it and not see these ladies trash it. Then they said the total price in Korean super slowly as if to mock me the foreigner. I was quite embarassed because there was a line of Koreans behind me staring at me. I can understand quite a bit of Korean, not to
    Mention the total was displayed right there for me to see on the register. I felt they were so rude to me. And they were super slow in wrapping things.

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