Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday’s, have you heard of them?

Yep, we’ve jumped on the meatless Monday bandwagon too. Seasonal vegetables are incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed so many ways. Lately we’ve loved slicing up leeks, yams or sweet potatoes, garlic, mushrooms, carrots, red onions, green peppers and roasting them. Sometimes we even throw in a meat replacement such as Gardein beef tips, or sauté the vegetables in a chili oil before roasting. Truly a dish that I could eat over and over again.

Oops.. this is embarrassing, we ate the soup before taking a photo to share with you all. I’ve mentioned this before, I am lactose intolerant and I tend to mind cream based soups. This was a perfect alternative for me and I didn’t even miss the cream! Who needs another photo of a bowl of soup anyways? I’ll just proceed with the good stuff, the recipe! Make it and let us know what think.

Healthy (No Cream) Gourmet “Beef” Mushroom Soup


1 Bundle celery with leaves, chopped 3 inch pieces
8-10 Medium button mushrooms, sliced (you can use whatever type you prefer)
1 Large onion, chopped
1 Can beef broth LOW sodium
2 Tbs olive oil
2 Tsp minced garlic
Pinch saffron, optional
1 Tbs red pepper flakes
Ground black pepper, to taste
Salt, to taste
1 Tsp ground paprika
1 Shot brandy, optional
1/4 Tsp Worchester


Heat olive oil in skillet and add in celery, onions, mushrooms. Cook vegetables until soft. Next add in seasoning, except for the Brandy, hold off adding in the Brandy in until the end. Next add beef broth and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove the soup from heat and pour into a blender and puree. Once smooth, pour the puree back into the skillet or a pot and add 2-3 cups water and bring back to simmer. Lastly add in brandy and simmer for 5 minutes. ENJOY!



  1. These pictures make me run to the kitchen and make something similar. Looks so so so good!

    I’m also a lactose intolerant! But I love the cream soups. I have discovered a lactose free creams and milks. Otherwise I can’t even drink my coffee with cream/milk.

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