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James’ Pizza

Speaking of another place that hasn’t changed, we visited James’ Pizza. You know the type of place where all of the locals know each other and when you walk in the whole place turns and looks at you, they know you are an outsider. It’s okay.. we figured they don’t get to see many Korean’s in this part of the world. Just kidding.

James’ is known for their hot cheese pizza. We know you are thinking, what makes this hole in the wall so special? Three words, hot, cheese, pizza! Not just any cheese, but spicy american cheese served on a rectangle shaped pizza.

Mr. B and his family have such fond memories of James’ and have been frequenting for years and years. I was lucky to get introduced to this dusty coal region gem when I first met Mr. B. In the summer we’d swim and run up to James’ pizza and order a half-baked hot cheese pizza, take home bake the rest of the way and devour it. Those were the days!

Yes, the menu is very small and hasn’t expanded very much over the 50 some years that the doors have been open, but that’s okay with its crowd. James’ knows what they do well, and boy do they really do it well!

This time our friend Scott tagged along with us, this was his first time. He’s now hooked and is already planning his next visit. Unfortunately Scott also learned the hard way about James hot cheese pizza fresh out of the oven. Molten lava temp’d cheese! Eek! Watch out for that! The melting of the roof of your mouth will be with you for days, but the experience is well worth it in the end. Just ask Scott!


In the land of grilled meats, kimchi, and rice…sometimes we find ourselves craving other cuisines..Sometimes, just not exactly sure what cuisine it may be.

Take tonight for instance..

Mr. B: “What are you hungry for?”

Me: “Doesn’t matter”

Mr. B: “just pick something”

Me: “Oh it doesn’t matter to me”

Mr. B: “Dino Meats?”

Me:”Doesn’t matter”

Mr. B: “You know what….na…no Dino meats”

Mr. B: “Grilled chicken?”

Me: “Sure” “Doesn’t matter”

Mr. B: “Na…”
Eventually we end up with deciding on a newer restaurant located in New City. Eat’taly. The restaurant opened a few months back and ever time we passed we though to ourselves, we will go back and check it out. You know you always end up saying something like that and forget about it when it comes time to eat. You end up going to the places you know very well, you know what to expect, it’s comfortable.


Tonight just happened to be one of those nights, we craved something different.


Eat’taly is a very quaint little place. The food delicious, the service superb, we were delightfully surprised.









After looking over the many possibilities of pasta or pizza decisions, we ended up going with a shared set menu item. Gorgonzola pizza with honey, a garden salad, garlic bread, and pasta carbonara. Yum!







We ended the night with a shared pot-bing-su from Lotteria.


Grab the map coordinates here!

Isn’t Summer time so sweet?

Simply The Best

There is something about throwing around some dough, enjoying a glass of red wine, and listening to Dean Martin’s Mambo Italiano, to end a manic Monday…
Thought we’d share our favorite pizza with you too…

We pretty much think it’s the bees knees!

It’s simple….yet colorful.


It tastes really good too!

Here’s a list of the Ingredients:
-Homemade pizza crust
– Red sauce
-fresh mozzarella cheese (well as fresh as one can get in South Korea)
-Fresh broccoli
-Grilled peppered chicken
-Fresh basil leaves
-Red cherry tomatoes
-Minced garlic
-Red onion
-Olive oil
-Feta cheese


I guess all those years In high school and college working at an Italian restaurant paid off…oh wait..I was a waitress…Okay, maybe it was osmosis!



MMMmmm. Hope you enjoyed as much as we Bees did!