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Around The World In One Week


Okay, maybe it wasn’t around the world…but it truly felt like it! It ended up that we went back to the states for a wonderful whirlwind of the fourth of july week. We tackled DC, PA, 3 full days of work, a best friends wedding, family, and a scuba diving certification. I think its safe to say, been there, done that, got the tee-shirt. LOL! We still wouldn’t have traded the time for anything in the world.

How blessed am I? I got to see two of my childhood best friends in one week! Cassie and Josh drove up from North Carolina and toured DC with me for three days. Don’t worry, I’ve got some photos to share of our adventures from the DC duck tour, and yummy sweet treat to ourselves at DC cupcake. Yep, we were the crazies that stood in the rain, but I’m telling you….Mmmm…the carrot cake cupcake was absolutely divine! We then went to Arlington cemetery to visit the tomb of the unknown soldier, so surreal!

After we said so long to my best friend and her husband, we headed North for our hometown in Pennsylvania. My other best friend, who you might remember from her visit here with us in Korea, was getting married. The wedding was perfect! Everything was so simple but elegant. You are going to love this… the reception was at a small local airport, inside of a hanger. It gets better folks, whoopie-pie wedding cake tower! If you are not familiar with a whoopie-pie… first, I’m so sorry you have been deprived this long, second, google the word and drool! The reception also featured stations from Danville, PA (where the reception location was), Seattle (where the groom is from), and Istanbul, Turkey (where the honeymoon destination is). These stations consisted of sliders, salmon, seafood dip, pidgeon and perogies, hummus, chicken kabob, and the list just keeps going on. It was one of the best memories of my life for my best friend and her husband. As we speak, the newlyweds are relaxing in each others company somewhere in Turkey. Gosh, I cannot wait until they get back so I can get the lowdown on the trip!

So how was your fourth of July? Did you travel far? See fireworks? Maybe it was more low-key and all about grilling and chilling? Whatever the case, I hope that it was a great one and I hope to hear about it from you all.


Huge News!

I’m super excited, I’ve got huge news to share! No, no, I’m not pregnant, sorry family.

Why so excited? Well, MY BEST FRIEND IS ENGAGED TO GET MARRIED! Yes! I got to hear it straight from her mouth in person while home on Christmas vacation. How lucky am I? What a wonderful memory and celebration to be involved in.

All the years of waiting for each other has truly paid off! I couldn’t imagine anyone else for you Rebecca. Josh, I just adore you too! We wish you both nothing but the best.

They were just so cute to watch together. Both beaming ever so brightly, how beautiful!

While home, our days together were mostly spent, reminiscing, sipping tea, cooking together, taking photos, breakfasting, giggling over old inside jokes, shopping, checking out the outstanding possible wedding venue, admiring the gorgeous ring bling (great job Josh!), and of course girl talk. (Check out some of our fun below)

It was wonderful!

Time together was nothing short of pure perfection!

Love you B!



I tried with all my being to fight off today’s occurrence of Rebecca leaving. I’m sure by now you realize that it didn’t matter, it was inevitable, and I just had to accept the fact she has to continue on with her journey to Israel.

When I think of Rebecca and our friendship, I’m instantly reminded of The Anne of Green Gables characters, Diana and Anne and how they become bosom friends instantaneously.

I just adore Anne! Every time I watch Anne and Diana, I get teary eyed and think of my dear friend Rebecca.

Do you have a friend like that?

You know, that friend that when you met one another you instantly connected, like you were kindred spirits?

And no amount of time or time zones between you could make you any less closer?

Gah! That’s how it is with Rebecca and I.

This week, as stated previously, was just incredible! I’m so thankful I could share my current life with her in South Korea.

So what did we do on Rebecca’s last day? Great question!

We toured the countryside up North, all courtesy of Mr. B, sipped on tasty mango smoothies and milkshakes by the water reservoir, watched the boats and water skiers go by, and picked up a Korean pizza on the way home for dinner.

Happy weekend everybody!

2012_06_24 Rebecca Day Ten

2012_06_24 Rebecca Day TenJun 24, 2012Photos: 27

Day 9 R&S Invade South Korea

Today is day nine…I can’t help but think about the fact that in a few short hours my wonderful week with my best fiend is coming to an end. Nevertheless I am very determined to not let that gloom over my head and not let me enjoy the precious hours that I do still have left with her.

Rebecca is still recovering with her medication. We again decided to have an easy, slow, at our own pace type of morning. With no rush or real plan in place, we all woke up, ate some breakfast, talked, and got ourselves around for the day.

We eventually decided that once the sun was setting we would head up to Herb Island, a fabulous (i’ll admit a tad bit cheesy too) botanical garden facility near our place. I really enjoy going to this place and was absolutely delighted when Mr. B first took me there. I just knew Rebecca would feel the same way and really enjoy it too, or at least I really hoped so!

Mr. B had some things he needed to tend to during the afternoon hours. This left Rebecca and I more time to just lounge around the house, nibble on our left over market goodies, and giggle. A few hours later we both looked at each other and decided that we were growing incredibly hungry. We were in need of something light, not in the mood for something heavy. Perhaps a sandwich shop? Hmm…the Subway shop nearby? No… that wasn’t sounding that appetizing or appealing in the moment. Ah! We could dine at the local GS 25 (A local convenient store) and raid the place for interesting finds. Yes! We thought: what a perfect idea!

We sat on the patio and munched on divine foods such as seaweed covered tuna triangles, chicken triangles, banana milk, with some sort of crazy circle things? Friend that speak Korea, throw me a bone and help me out! HA HA! We had a blast just sitting there watching the world go by, eating our triangles.

On the way back to our place we stopped by a local grocery store and perused the place for some goodies that we could box up and send back to the states for Josh (Rebecca’s amazingly sweet boyfriend!). While we were running amuck we found the popsicle display case and it was marked 30% off! SCORE! Of course we had to!

We strolled home in the heat with our melting popsicles. Mr. B had arrived home and gave us a ring to find out our location. We were so close so we just decided it made sense to meet back up at home again.

Around 6:30 we all piled back into the car and Mr. B took us on a nice drive through the countryside North of our place, no not North Korea HA HA! Rebecca really enjoyed getting to see all the mountains and all the lush green farmland. It’s such a change from hustle and bustle of Seoul and the city. It’s refreshing, calming, most of all it reminds us a lot of home.

We looped back around and found ourselves at Herb Island, exactly where we wanted to be once the sun had set. Excellent timing! The place was not jam-packed with people and we free to mosey around as slow as we wanted.Plenty of time to stop and smell the flowers, or in my case snap a million pictures. There were just to many silly or beautiful things that I couldn’t pass by without capturing.

After our Herb Island trip was almost complete we ended up at the restaurant, or what was left of it, that we wanted to share Herb bibimbop with Rebecca. Phewey! Herb Island was doing some major construction and the building was no longer standing in the place it once did. We opted to head into the bakery and munch on all the delectable samples of freshly baked breads. Mmm… this place is Mr. B’s Achilles heel.

We had to decide on something different for dinner. Our options were herbed meat or pizza. We didn’t have much reassurance in the pizza place because it was fairly empty. We all decided, meat it is. It wasn’t the herb bibimbop, but it was still tasty.

What a great night! Rebecca had a blast! Yippee! The night was a total success!

2012_06_23 Rebeccas Day Nine

2012_06_23 Rebeccas Day NineJun 23, 2012Photos: 41

Day 1 of R&S Invade South Korea

It’s FRIDAY! You know what that means!!


Yes! Rebecca’s flight landed a little after 3:30PM today, Mr. B was such a doll and drove to the Incheon Airport to pick her up for me while I finished out the work day. (I know, I know, I’m so lucky!)

Within 15 minutes of each other we all arrived at home. Two words, pure bliss! As soon as I heard the code getting entered into the door, I immediately had to run over and give her a big long overdue hug! I keep having to pinch myself to make sure she’s actually here! Actually sitting at our bar, sipping her drink, chatting about life! It’s reality!


Rebecca, having the amazingly caring Seoul she has, came baring gifts. Things from back home, Tastycakes, and a copy of the Real Simple magazine. Does she know us, or does she know us?

We took it easy, had a very low key relaxing night. Rebecca unpacked, we showed her around our place, and she decided she was up for something of lighter proportions for dinner after her incredibly pork filled flight. Lol, long story.

We all decided bibimbop would serve as an excellent meal choice. Plus it was one of our favorite places that we wanted to share with her. Needless to say we were pretty excited!

The restaurant changed some of the side dishes because of the seasonal changes. It was fun getting to taste the new mix-ins.

We asked Rebecca how she liked the bibimbop, she said she really enjoyed it, however she was used to it being served directly to her with everything already in the bowl. We explained that most places do serve it that way here in Korea too. This restaurant is just a fun experience allowing you to pick what you would like in your dish.

After dinner, Rebecca could no longer keep the sleep monster at bay. We decided to call it a night and head back home so she could get some sleep and prepare herself for the rest of the week.

Goodnight everyone!

One More Sleep

Until my best childhood best-friend arrives in Korea for a visit. By best-friend I mean the kind of friend who would go all the way to KOREA to visit you. I’m so blessed to have the most amazing people in my life.

I cannot express how excited I am for her to be here! I think I’m just excited to share all the things that Mr.B and I fell in love with since moving here. Most of all just having her to make me feel sane, have that familiarity and major part of my US life with me again.

AhHH!! One whole week!

I’m envisioning lots of exploring, shopping, touring, eating, oh and we signed up for a Korean cooking course to do too!





Look out Korea! You are in for it 🙂