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I tried with all my being to fight off today’s occurrence of Rebecca leaving. I’m sure by now you realize that it didn’t matter, it was inevitable, and I just had to accept the fact she has to continue on with her journey to Israel.

When I think of Rebecca and our friendship, I’m instantly reminded of The Anne of Green Gables characters, Diana and Anne and how they become bosom friends instantaneously.

I just adore Anne! Every time I watch Anne and Diana, I get teary eyed and think of my dear friend Rebecca.

Do you have a friend like that?

You know, that friend that when you met one another you instantly connected, like you were kindred spirits?

And no amount of time or time zones between you could make you any less closer?

Gah! That’s how it is with Rebecca and I.

This week, as stated previously, was just incredible! I’m so thankful I could share my current life with her in South Korea.

So what did we do on Rebecca’s last day? Great question!

We toured the countryside up North, all courtesy of Mr. B, sipped on tasty mango smoothies and milkshakes by the water reservoir, watched the boats and water skiers go by, and picked up a Korean pizza on the way home for dinner.

Happy weekend everybody!

2012_06_24 Rebecca Day Ten

2012_06_24 Rebecca Day TenJun 24, 2012Photos: 27