Showers of pink petals

I don’t know where it came from…but the flowers seemed to explode on all the trees this past weekend. Just walking in the wind and shower of delicate pink petals painted this picture to me that everything was right with the world in that very moment.

I met up with Miss Kelsey again this past weekend to get my mop cut. Seriously folks it was getting a bit out of control. I don’t want to go there but I will. Can we say business in the front party in the back?? HA-HA. Kelsey wanted to get a trim and manicure too, so it was a perfect excuse for a girls day.

Before heading off to our salon appointment we strolled all around Itaewon. The weather was a bit brisk but it was perfect for walking. You know the kind right? Not to hot, not to terribly cold. Besides, studies show that because walking is a repetitive activity, it helps trigger the body’s relaxation mode that helps reduce stress (we both needed that after the week we had) plus, at the same time, a ten minute walk provides an immediate energy booster and improves your mood. It’s proven to snap you out of your funk (again needed). Research also suggest that you should aim for a minimum of 10,000 steps a day (equivalent to approximately 5 miles), the magic number that keeps most from gaining weight. Here’s what my Fitbit tracked while strolling around the Itaewon area with Kelsey. Not to shabby right? Okay, I will hop off my soapbox now.


Perhaps all those steps made up for the lunch we had? Softree for a magic lamp. It’s magical all right! Organic vanilla soft-serve with caramel swirls and a fine crushed nut topping. I took notes from my late great-grandmother and do cover the important parts of meals first. Dessert. We then followed up with a chicken pita and greek salad from Greek on the Grill. Delicious and cheap too.

Check them out and let me know what you think.

Greek on the Grill Restaurant

마포구 와우산로 66 (본점), Seoul, 121-837
소프트리 SOFTREE Ice Cream Shop
용산구 이태원로 208 (이태원점), Seoul, 140-893



    1. Thank you! The trees are just mesmerizing. I often find myself just walking and daydreaming as I stare at them. Stunning! Yes! Tell your friend in Seoul Softree! Delicious! If you happen to come for a visit you’ve got to try it too. Where are you from? I’m going to visit your blog next. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Gorgeous cherry blossoms! One of my favorite times of year, despite the hoards of tourists they bring in. Ours are just getting started and hopefully we can ride our bikes down this weekend to enjoy them. Also I love the rainbow of ice cream cones. So cute!

  2. I love the cherry blossom trees! I’ve only ever seen them in that kind of abundance in Japan and it made me so incredibly happy. Been thinking about planting a couple in my front yard, but will have to wait until kitchen renovations are complete LOL. In the meantime, enjoy those beautiful little flowers for me!

    1. Thank you Brooke! Are you near by DC? If you ever get a chance they also have beautiful cherry blossoms every year that bloom. I cannot get over how perfect these flowers are on the trees. They look fake! In the meantime ill enjoy for you, but absolutely get some planted in your front year next year!

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