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Summer Saunter

Keeping with the same mantra, determined to squeeze every ounce of summer out of the season, I met up with Kelsey in Seoul early Saturday morning. Of course it was drizzling on again, off again. You know the rain that makes you feeling like someone is constantly misting you? Yep, that was the type. We had umbrellas so we didn’t let it spoil our plans or fun.

We started out by treating ourselves with a pedicure. We both struggled not to fall asleep in the chairs and thought maybe, just maybe, this should have been the final stop of our adventure? LOL! (I know what you are thinking right about now…life is hard,right?)

With our freshly painted tootsies, we headed to an area near Insadong that I wanted to share with Kelsey. I adore the Bukchon Village area, it has lots of sparkle and tons of areas for her to snap photos of the city.

The first stop was at Brick and Wood. This is a ridiculously charming brunch, lunch or dinner spot! I stumbled upon the place the last time that I took a quiet saunter with Mary while in the area. I had only went into the bakery last time and knew just from that I needed to get back to enjoy the restaurant too.

The space is rustic yet has a fun modern flair with its old wooden floors and it’s open, airy, exposed brick and concrete walls. The kitchen is out in the open and made us feel like they were preparing private dishes just for us. I love nothing more than to take a peek on how chefs are preparing dishes and the techniques they are using.

We hit the Bukchon Hanok Village area at a perfect time! The rain kept the large crowds tamed. We strolled casually all over, checking out tiny little boutiques, stopping to smell flowers, making friends with two handsome pups and their British owner, admiring the views, people watching, and of course enjoying green tea potbingsu at the Café Terrace.

(See the couple below?) They were the sweetest couple attempting to take a selfie under the we are young graffiti, so we offered to take the photo for them. They were so pleased with the offer they insisted on taking our photo too! Kelsey and I were swooning over the couples cuteness because we could tell they were just newly dating.

Saved some of the best for last. Yum! Green tea and watermelon who would have thought?



Brick & Wood Restaurant & Bakery
Locations and website here.

Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을)
Check out more here.


When I was a little girl growing up, I always remember my parents home and grandparents home with a nightlight. What I cannot remember is where the fear of darkness ever came into play in my life to require such a thing. Granted I am the oldest and possibly the light was also there to serve another purpose for younger siblings? The few memories that I do have is making sure that if my bedroom light had to be turned off id get a running start so that I could jump through the air and land in my bed quickly. Was there some sort of black hole under there? A monster hiding that could have grabbed my feet or ankles if I would have casually walked over and just got into bed like a normal person? LOL.. silly thinking back on it all now.

This weekend I packed up my bags and headed to Seoul for a ladies weekend. This was a much delayed and much awaited birthday celebration for my dear friend Mary. While we were at lunch we were discussing her two little ones and their fright associated with the dark night sky. It ended up that they were outside at night due to an appointment. This sense of the unknown scared them, made them want to hurry, run, get to the car. How sweet these two are!

What about you? Did you grow up with a nightlight? Do you remember if you feared the night or dark?
Thankfully like most childhood things, the fear of silly things fizzles out as you grow up. Can I get an Amen? Or else Mary and I wouldn’t ever of had the chance to get out in Seoul at night to see the annual lantern festival. This was my second time getting to see the parade in Seoul since living here. It never gets old! So many beautifully lit lanterns. Some being carried, some being pushed, some being pulled, some even motorized. The cityscape of high-rises in the backdrop gave little light to the parade, but the millions of lanterns that came down the street in masses were what really lit the area up.

Rewind to earlier in the afternoon, sorry you know I am a cake first kind of gal.

We strolled around the Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을). This was a first for both Mary and I. I wasn’t sure what to expect, only going off of travel books and lists that I had made and am determined to eventually concur while we live abroad.

Bukchon Hanok Village is home to hundreds of traditional houses called ‘hanok’ that date back many, many, years. These are private homes still lived in by Korean residents. They are absolutely charming! The entire area had tugged at my heartstrings. Such quaint little shops, hidden coffeehouses, tea houses, bakeries, vintage shops, etc. The best part of all, get ready for this, you can do a hanok stay! Yes! They had all kinds of different posts on the web if you are interested in such a thing. Hmm… perhaps an anniversary trip that is approaching? Don’t just take my word for it, get out and see them for yourselves! Okay, you can check out the photos below too.


Anguk Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 2.

Go straight for about 300m to arrive at Bukchon Hanok Village. (Two information booths in area for a map).

I am such a foodie! You couldn’t possibly think that i’d sign off without letting you take a gander at some of our good eats did you? Check out that Potbingsoo! Ohhhh yeses… Summer is finally here!