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Walk in the Early Morning

Because it’s Sunday.

Because i’ve got two sleepy heads snoozing in the other room.

Because it was early.

Because it was raining.

Because there wasn’t a soul on the street.

Because I love any excuse to wear rain boots.

Truly Wish the Summer Away

Happy Sunday!

It’s still raining on and off and the humidity is still a bit of a buzz kill,

But that’s not getting in the way of my last bit of summer Sundays.

Half of me is incredibly sad to see Summer go so quickly, but the other half is screaming bring on the Fall Season, NOW!

Ahh…imagine, no humidity, less crazy frizzy hair, cool nights without the fan or AC.

Even as I sit here with the fan pointed at me and my messy hair blowing all over the place, I just cannot bring myself to truly wish the summer away.

Just look at all the lush beautiful shades of green that summer brings to us here in Korea.

Today after church I met up with our good friends for lunch at the Yongsan Station. I had a wonderful time! I loved getting to catch up with them both and hear about their recent tropical diving vacation. They two of them looked so refreshed, calm, and cool. Vacations are such a wonderful treat for the mind, body, and soul. They seriously had the post vacation glow!

Unfortunately, Katya had to get scooting to grab the train to her class, so Luis and I decided on some desert…I’ll give you a hint.. starts with a -P- end’s with O-M-G my summer desert obsession.


Come on folks, is there really any other choice.

Nope.. not to me that is.

 Complements of  Cold Stone Creamery.

This was pre-potbingsu taking flight, right Luis? HA-HA! *Wink,Wink*

Catch Up







Sorry, I’ve been MIA a few days… I’ve been a bit under the weather. Oh! speaking of weather…

It’s raining, it’s pouring….
Mrs. B:
Happy, yes! Everything’s turning beautiful shades of green. Not to mention the weather is soothing when I’m a feeling a bit under the weather.

You see, often rain brings a certain sentimental longing of the past…
Slowly driving home, the wet pavement, the little Korean school kids dressed in cute rain boots and matching umbrellas, Elderly Korean couples out strolling (a little rain doesn’t keep them indoors) tree’s bark soaked and black.

Crisp air, land of the morning calm fog.
Snuggled up in our big comfy over-sized chair reading a book, listening to the rain lightly tap against the window.
I just can’t get enough of it.