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New Chapter

It’s been awhile guys! So where have you been? Kidding… I know it was us, we basically fell off the blogosphere. But hey, with good reason!

They say that every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. So here we are…at a new beginning, a new chapter in our lives, a close from another beginning’s end. Life is funny like that.. some chapters allow us to open on our own, while others are sort of forced open. Nevertheless, within these chapters of our books we are ever-growing and learning something from each of them.

Exactly where am I going with this? As you could have guessed, we’ve opened a brand new chapter in our lives. Yes, I struggled with the decision to post anything on our blog about my pregnancy, or if I’d keep that chapter of our lives closed from online and kept private. Ultimately I made the decision that it is a HUGE part of our lives and is an incredible blessing not to share with you all.

Funny when I think back on this now…we didn’t know at first we were even pregnant with our little bumblebee until we were already a few good weeks in. Crazy! Huh? Then we didn’t announce to our families and friends until we knew we were in the clear. I’m so terribly superstitious with certain things, especially because of our past experience and struggles.

Prayerfully everything progressed as normal and healthy with our daughter and we baked perhaps the very best treat of our lives yet!

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20 Degrees

After a wee little snafo with forgetting a tripod piece…oops…who would have thought that piece belonged to that thing…

We crazily shivered captured ourselves in the beautiful snow covered belly of the Soyo mountain. Yes, in 20 degree weather.


Dear  Lord,

Thank you for leading my heart to this very patient and kind man. Bless his huge heart for not putting up a fight when his crazy wife comes up with silly little things….

well…not that much of a fight.

Happy Holidays 2012

Cheers to the new year!

With Love,


Just some crannies of our South Korean life
according to that little iPhone of mine 😉



















1. Can it really be?! Bits of green and teeny flowers springing up!

2.These two obviously up to no good...

3. From the snow storm this week

4.The snow-covered mountain view from my work

5.Peaceful sunset over the subway station

6.mMMmm Chilsung Cider. We may or may not be a little overly obsessed. Plus it's still served in a glass bottle what's not to love?!

7. Always a blast sharing our favorite chicken place with good friends

8. Hmmmm.....

9.Miss Beanicus Maximus go-to position, laying on anything I'm working on

10.No post can be complete without including a picture of the light, fluffy, Korean strawberry cream cake I enjoyed this week

Vacation Video and Pictures (FINALLY!)

Oh yeah… throw in a nice cold too! EEK! Korea provided Mrs. B with a nice “welcome home gift” this morning, a cold. Unfortunately, I don’t see many visions of sugar plums dancing in her weekend plans, more like tissues and lots of soup! 🙁

The weather certainly is a major shock to the system after we were so lucky to have lounged sprawled out on the beach in the beautiful tropical weather of the Philippines.

And now, onto the good stuff! Yes, the video and photos from our trip. We hope you enjoy!


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