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Pork Shells, Libs, and Convertible Tops

Friday night we went out on the town for date night. We met up with some of our good friends, and their sweet baby boy. We enjoyed a wonderful meal at a newly discovered restaurant very close to our house.

We stumbled upon this place while on one of our weeknight walks downtown. We both said that we’d have to go back sometime and try the place out. Ohhh goodness folks, we were so glad we did!

The Korean ladies loved baby G to pieces, they fussed over him the entire time we were there. Anytime the adults were talking and looking away they would immediately gush all over him picking up his sunglasses that he’d drop onto the floor, removing any rice he might have stuck to himself, wiping his nose or face. It was so entertaining plus baby G milked it for all it was worth. What a little ham!

I can tell…you are curious and wondering what exactly a pork shell and lib is.

Well, I just cannot help myself, I just have to share with all of you how my sweet little Korean co-worker translated the menu for me. She was explaining each dish, doing a fantastic job too! She started to lose me towards the middle of the menu when she started to use the term lib and shell. I just wasn’t understanding what a shell ย or lib could possibly be on a pig. After talking some more and using some gestures we realized that shell was skin to me and lib was really a rib. We giggled, it was just to cute!

Mr. B Getting schooled in the art of meat grilling. (again) HA-HA!

A success of a date night if i don’t say so myself. Three cheers for pork shell and libs ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday I buzzed solo. I was in dire need of some hair attention. I walked down to the train station, caught the train and headed towards Seoul at 7:15AM. The sun was already out, our Korean neighbors already had their peppers out drying in the morning sun. Whew… the month of August doesn’t mess around in Korea…hot….muggy… I just cannot remember being this hot last year here. Perhaps I don’t want to remember?

After my hair appointment I walked throughout Itaewon. I knew there were two places that I wanted to check out while it was nice and I had the time to dawdle. Life is just a cup of cake, and the High Street Deli. Luckily these two places were fairly close to one another and I wasn’t out in the heat that much.

Life is just a cup of cake, is the most darling little cupcakory that is nestled back in off of the hustle and bustle of Itaewon’s main street. The outside of the place was just so inviting with its birdcage and cottage like feel. Who wouldn’t want to get sucked into this place?!

Once I got inside my nose immediately picked up on the cupcake aroma in the air and my eyes instantly fixated on all of the beautiful little cupcakes lined neatly under the countertop glass. So many important decisions to make…mind you these are the most delicious life decisions I really don’t mind having to make.

Mmmm…Blueberry Cream Cheese, Earl Grey White Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Almond Macaron, Double Green Tea, Mango Mango, Original Vanilla, All About Chocolate, Carrot.
(5,000 won each).
I got there fairly early in the day so I had a chance to sit down, relax, and indulge in the cuteness of the cupcakory. The interior was just perfect in size. There were two tables where you could enjoy sip your tea and please your taste buds with your delectable sweets.
The service was great! The women behind the counter spoke excellent English and was really lovely all around.
The taste… YUM-O! I’m such a plain Jane sometimes. I was torn between the vanilla and the earl grey cupcake. I ended up with the vanilla. Divine! I had to take one for Mr. B too. I ordered a Red velvet, his favorite, to go. They packaged it up in a cute plastic cupcake container and on my way I went.

Next stop, High Street Deli. I knew I had to swing by this place because of Mipa! I wanted to support her awesome vegan baking business that she works so hard at. This little lady has serious talent! I ordered a veggie on wheat sandwich because the heat was starting to get to me and I figured something light would hold me over on the train ride back home.

What a fun little deli! It’s located on the second floor of the building on the main Itaewon drag. High Street Deli had lots of foreign goods, of course a bit more expensive than what I was used to when we live stateside and had access to a plethora of products. However the prices are not that outlandish, nice!
You can pick up jams, frozen goodies, can goods, coffee, teas, muesli, deli meats, an assortment of cheese, candy, wines, pastas, etc. check out their website if you are curious

While I was getting ready to leave I was paying and chatting with the Korean worker there. Of course the topic of the sun and heat made its way into the conversation. The man was very kind and said, “I hope that you have your sunblock on or a sunbrella”, you’ve got a convertible top going on there. Of course I had a nervous giggle not quite sure what to make of the convertible top comment. I scooted out the door and checked out my almost covered shoulders, Cotton-knit, knee-length sundress….Hmmmmphh.. he-he-he, convertible top ๐Ÿ˜‰

Interesting in checking these two places out? Do it! They won’t disappoint, I promise!

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