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The C Word

This week I received a message from a dear friend that said she was getting a biopsy done, and may have breast cancer. Immediately my heart sank…. I couldn’t believe the words as I read them slowly out loud to myself.

…Really?! She’s so young!! This has to be some sick joke! There is no way!!…. Endless things racing and spinning through my head.

On top of it all I felt helpless and so scared for her.

There are no real words to truly comfort a loved one under those circumstances. The anxiety that eats them waiting for that call, those biopsy results, the words “no cancer”. Of course, I responded immediately with the power of prayer, strength, good vibes, and happy thoughts.

This morning I awoke to the most amazing news, I found out that her results read that she did NOT have cancer! Praise The Lord!

As I sipped my morning coffee in our quiet empty apartment I couldn’t help but to realize that you never, ever, know what lies ahead. Life is so terribly short. You have to appreciate the family and friends that you have right now. Cherish every day and moment with them. Like it or not, these scary and tough real life moments in life will make you stronger, and also make you realize that you need to live each day to the fullest. Why do we stay angry? hold grudges? or live in regret? We’ve got to make the most of our lives while we are here!

I decided to share the Cosmo field near our place with this post because it certainly calls for a celebratory cheers! Just look at them! Aren’t these wild gals beautiful?


Relay For Life – South Korea

Dear friends, Many apologize for being MIA this past week, of course I have good reason for my absence. Relay for Life! My team and I walked over 24 hours these past two days, helping to contribute to raising roughly over $35,000 dollars! Finding a cure to kick cancers bum, meeting caregivers, survivors, and new friends, give me an annual sign up, please!

This was the first year that Seoul, Korea has participated in Relay for Life. All and all I think it was a smashing success! So many participants from all walks of life. Each with a story of survival, or the care they gave or are giving, or passion to fight for the cure for others. Such selfless people with huge hearts. It might have been all the chemical in the air from the AstroTurf getting ripped up, but there was such an incredible contagious high felt by all.

Watching the survivors take their first lap really set the tone to kick off the event. Men and woman of all ages. Cancer knows no age, color, race, or boundaries.  Grabbing breakfast that morning a woman approached my girlfriend Mary and I, stated she saw our shirts and had to say thank you. She stated she was a two-time survivor of cancer, always tried to participate in the Relay events each year, but was not able to this year. She shared openly shared a personal piece of her survival story with us. I cannot explain the flood of emotions that consumed my body at that point.

I have to reign in the misty eyed vibe I’ve got going in this post, end by lighten things up with some of the fun lap theme’s that our team participated in. These include the bubble lap, the beach party, children’s character, and red white and blue pride.

Keep calm and relay on!