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The weather hasn’t fully submitted yet here in Korea. As the Spring weather typically seems to do every year, it’s quite capricious, here we all feel the seasonal pangs of change. I see glimpses of the promising summer seasonal bliss while riding my bike, even if I have to still wear a heavy jacket.

At last, life is full of sweet promise, as only it can be in Spring.










I Forgot how much I enjoyed riding my beach cruiser, or the bike formerly known as Velma. Tonight I rode around most of my evening after work. I had such a cheesy grin on my face too. So happy! It was market day, the temperature has been nice and cool with Fall settling in, plus I needed more fruits for my juicer, what? Okay..I told you I’m a tad bit obsessed! After stuffing my mini backpack full until the zipper was ready to burst, I have decided instead of trying to defy gravity with my bags handing from each handlebar, perhaps I need a basket to accessorize good ol’ Velma?

I was trying to think if there was anything that could possibly make my evening any better.

Having Mr. B along on the ride, oh and a tall glass of sweet white wine!

How are ya digging the truck selling huge king crabs at the market?


Sunday Cruising

The weather in Northern South Korea has been perfect! It has been in the upper 60’s lower 70’s, not to hot but not too cold. Today after church we decided to take advantage of the weather and head out on the bikes. We ended up riding a little over 11 miles along the river bank that hugs the city of Dongducheon.

The river really reminds us a lot of where we both grew up and it made us sad when we both said to each other “now why can’t our hometown do something like this?” The river walk has a paved path meant for walking, running, biking, or skating that you can take all the way to Seoul. Yes, that would be a insanely long trip but the option of doing it is there.

We are told that during the monsoon season months we will see this area flood and the walks will not be accessible. We wanted to make sure we enjoyed it while we could and snap some pictures to share with everyone.