I Forgot how much I enjoyed riding my beach cruiser, or the bike formerly known as Velma. Tonight I rode around most of my evening after work. I had such a cheesy grin on my face too. So happy! It was market day, the temperature has been nice and cool with Fall settling in, plus I needed more fruits for my juicer, what? Okay..I told you I’m a tad bit obsessed! After stuffing my mini backpack full until the zipper was ready to burst, I have decided instead of trying to defy gravity with my bags handing from each handlebar, perhaps I need a basket to accessorize good ol’ Velma?

I was trying to think if there was anything that could possibly make my evening any better.

Having Mr. B along on the ride, oh and a tall glass of sweet white wine!

How are ya digging the truck selling huge king crabs at the market?


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