Sunday Serenity

This morning I awoke to a dusting of white snow on the streets below and hillside just behind our apartment. I also awoke with a terrible sore throat. Perhaps it was that I slept with my mouth open the night before? No, not me… I’d never do such a thing. LOL! Perhaps it was the evening walk the night before with Mr. B in the blustery winds, or perhaps it’s just something I picked up from work that continues to make its rounds. Whatever it was… it isn’t welcomed and needs to go.

Normally I’d sip a spicy peppery remedy that my grandparents would make when i’d be back home staying with them, but this time I remembered that we had some Asian pears and honey. The two ingredients that my Korean co-workers tell me will heal any throat ailments because they are loaded with Vitamin C and K. Today I’ll put them to the test and get some sweet serenity on this Sunday.



  1. I used to get I’ll all the time, any bug that was going around, was only a matter of time before I got it. A few years ago I started having shots of lemon juice and honey and found that I wasn’t getting the colds or flus that were going around. I now have just a spoonful of honey on my cereal in the morning and still don’t get the bugs. I would totally recommend a spoonful of honey everyday!

  2. Never tried the pears before. I’m usually a honey/ginger/cayenne syrup kind of girl. It has a lot of kick but it really works fast 🙂 Hoping you feel better soon.

    1. If you can get your hands on an asian pear give it a go, they are quite juicy nonetheless. I’ll have to try the honey ginger and cayenne syrup mixture sometime too. Thanks for sharing!

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