Kimchi Grilled Cheese

Did I just lose you with the title of this post? Are you making a face? Be honest….

I realize using the two words kimchi and cheese together in a sentence must sound utterly disgusting to my friends and family, but I promise…it’s really not. I mean I think of all the bowls of budae jiigae we consume here in Korea and without the square slices of cheddar cheese it just wouldn’t be the same. I’ve had kimchi carnitas fries,  kimchi quesadillas, and now a kimchi grilled cheese. Not just any cheese, make it pepper jack pretty please.

I think I just might have died and gone to heaven.

Kimchi Grilled Cheese Sandwich


2 Slices of your favorite bread, I typically pick up something fresh from a local Korean bakery (Today it was named healthy loaf?)
2 Slices of your favorite cheese, I used pepper jack… cheddar would be an excellent pairing as well
1/8 Cup Mat kimchi, chopped
1 tablespoons butter, divided to butter your bread

Super simple and whipped up in a snap!

….Wait, do you think we’ve been in Korea to long? ….Nah!

Would you try out this slightly different grilled cheese combination?



    1. Iwannabakethistoday I say you give it a go and let me know what you think. I LOVE it! It’s such a silly combination but when paired together it’s outstanding!

  1. I live in Taiwan, and I gotta say: over here we LOVE our Korean Kimchi. I love pepper jack cheese, and as of recently so does my wife, a native of Taiwan who, like many Asian natives, is not accustomed to the exotic taste of strong cheese (and since my family is of French descent there are some obvious complications in this relationship in regards to culinary preference). Yesterday I bought some pepper jack and kimchi at CostCo, and I was wondering if the two could ever go together. I saw this post and immediately had to comment. I must say, I am excited to try some of these, especially the quesadillas, as I also recently got taco seasoning and chicken! This was a great post! Thanks a lot!

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