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Children’s Day 2016

I completely forgot this post up to share with you all. Oops!

Children’s day is a nantional holiday in Korea was celebrated annually on May 5. If you are not familiar with Children’s Day, it’s a day dedicated to family and encourages parents to get out and spend time with their children. Schools are closed and parents are off. It’s such a wonderful concept, so meaningful and completely unlike the generic Hallmark greeting card holidays.

The traditional places families head to are children’s parks in almost all communities here, amusement parks, zoos, or to the cinema for an entire day dedicated to just fun and games! Places are just packed! Of course bumblebee and I took a stroll downtown and had to get in on the action. Getting to see all these cute little kids run around just full of smiles from ear to ear made for such a wonderful afternoon!

Enjoy some of the photos I snapped from the day. (I’m partial to the fifth photo down… USA booth food representation…. Hmmm….)


Sight & Sound Theatre

Christmases past we Bee’s have given our grandparents tickets to attend the Sight and Sound Theatre, typically accompanying them. Since we have been away almost two years, sadly we haven’t been able to uphold that tradition and go with them. So this year because we knew we’d be home, we purchased tickets to go!

Sight and Sound brings the bible to musical theater. This trip marked my third performance. Each time we attend I walk away even more touched by the story, music, performance, and stage production. It’s truly quite a sight to see!

This performance we all set sail on the extraordinary journey with Jonah and the whale! When we got to see the whale float over the crowd, and the glowing lifelike jellyfish drop from above our heads, our mouths all dropped in amazement.

I’m looking forward to the future when we get to see another show.

Interested in seeing a show for yourself? Click here for further details.

A horse and buggy is a pretty familiar and common sight for those of us that grew up in Central Pennsylvania, especially Lancaster. But, there are many visitors that vacation or travel through the state that come for a glimpse or experience in the Amish lifestyle and practices. I thought it was only fitting to include some photos of a tourist attraction that we passed along the route from seeing our show that day.

Doesn’t the countryside look so peaceful? Bloggers, this is my Pennsylvania.

Never Did I Ever…

Think we’d be seeing the Broadway Musical Wicked in Seoul, South Korea!

Mr. B purchased tickets to go see Wicked for my (early) Birthday present. SCORE!

The show was at the Blue Square Musical Hall, what a wonderful venue. Space is something that Seoul utilizes very much so, the venue is partly underground, and of course accessible directly from the Hangangjin subway station.

The cast is from Australia, the show is entirely in English. Usually, Mr. B and I find ourselves having to read the translated screens off to the sides of a show..nope, not this time!

“And if I’m flying solo,

At least I’m flying free;
To those who ground me,
Take a message back from me…
Tell them how I’m defying gravity,
I’m flying high, defying gravity!
And soon I’ll match them in renown.
And nobody, in all of Oz,
No wizard that there is or was,
Is ever gonna


Ah! I still have goosebumps from all the talented voices, the stunning costumes, and life-like stage props!


Even Mr. B enjoyed the storyline!


Bravo!! Encore! Encore!!!