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Never Did I Ever…

Think we’d be seeing the Broadway Musical Wicked in Seoul, South Korea!

Mr. B purchased tickets to go see Wicked for my (early) Birthday present. SCORE!

The show was at the Blue Square Musical Hall, what a wonderful venue. Space is something that Seoul utilizes very well..so much so, the venue is partly underground, and of course accessible directly from the Hangangjin subway station.

The cast is from Australia, the show is entirely in English. Usually, Mr. B and I find ourselves having to read the translated screens off to the sides of a show..nope, not this time!

“And if I’m flying solo,

At least I’m flying free;
To those who ground me,
Take a message back from me…
Tell them how I’m defying gravity,
I’m flying high, defying gravity!
And soon I’ll match them in renown.
And nobody, in all of Oz,
No wizard that there is or was,
Is ever gonna


Ah! I still have goosebumps from all the talented voices, the stunning costumes, and life-like stage props!


Even Mr. B enjoyed the storyline!


Bravo!! Encore! Encore!!!