Bonjour Croissant

You know, I’ve got to say the French certainly know how to do food, whether it’s foie gras at dinner or a buttery croissants in the morning paired with a café au lait. Unfortunately I am defiantly not in France this morning, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t enjoy my Monday morning croissant any less.

I am sitting here pondering this toaster we purchased at a local department store, Emart. Much to our surprise it came complete with a special croissant and roll toasting feature. I guess we totally missed the fact that Korean’s are HUGE consumers of croissants. Pardon my sarcasm. Honestly most Korean homes still lack a conventional oven let alone a toaster.




  1. Asia is funny like that. I’ve never seen that before, how bizarre!

    Also I miss French croissants like whoa. They might contain something like 3 pounds of butter but what I would do for one right now.

      1. Yes! There’s a handful of amazing bakeries around me. But nothing beats an insanely buttery croissant and a super strong espresso sitting on the grass of Champ de Mars in front of the Eiffel tower for breakfast!

  2. Haha so true! I was lucky and always had an oven everywhere I lived in Korea (except the dorms of course…). But the good thing about that is that Koreans think homemade baking is a novelty. I made the worst snickerdoodles once, but they just loved them haha!

    1. That is so comical! I work with some older Korean ladies and let me tell you…they are quick to let me know if it isn’t what they like. To sweet, greasy, not professional looking, etc. They are blunt but I guess you have to appreciate that much honest upfront no hiding.

      1. Haha! That is a typical ajumma for you. I remember I bought a new skirt once and my friend said to another guy: doesn’t she look pretty? And he quite honestly said: “you know, you used to be pretty and slim. You’ve gotten kinda fat.” (More or less that’s what he said.) Yes,at least they are honest ha!

        1. At first when reading this I thought to myself, oh god! But then I realized we again were talking about the Korean culture… it made absolute sense and the surprise factor went away.

    1. It was perfect! Buttery, crispy on the outside but not to cripsy. Soft on the inside and of course as croissants all do… they gently fall apart as you eat them. Have you had one?

      1. I’ve always been a fan of asian stores because they always have the COOLEST products…and some of the cutest too.

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