2012_01_31 Snow

2012_01_31 SnowJan 31, 2012Photos: 12

Hip Hip Hooray! We FINALLY got some actual accumulated snow today. I looked out the window at work and saw large flakes slowly falling. I didn’t think it would actually accumulate to anything really. We have had a few random snow squalls that end as soon as they begin.

This really wasn’t anything major or really anything to write home about…well, I will rephrase that… to us, it’s blog worthy! We were excited to see some actual snow! Mr. B on the other hand, driving home from Seoul = not so fun.

I snapped a few pictures to share our experience with you all. I want to try to snap some of the snow covered mountains that surround the community we live in because they are just so picturesque as a backdrop when we drive to and from work.

How is the weather where you are? Is it unseasonably warm or have you been getting hit pretty hard with snow?


  1. It is very warm to be WINTER! We were in the upper 60s today!!!! 🙂 We are supposed to continue to have this lovely weather! Pics are beautiful!

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