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Today we woke up at 4AM so that we could get everything together and be out the door for the East Coast. Well, I’m not quite what you would call a morning person. I move…mmmm… what’s another word for slow? Snail speed, ah yes! Lets go with that.

I’ll be the first to admit, I was the cause of our lateness today. Oops..sorry Mr. B.

Once we got to the Rest stop to meet up with our group, I decided on my first ever grown up drink. Coffee! What were you thinking? Again, much to early for anything else. I ordered a Carmel macchiato. I have had a few sips here or there from the coffee aficionado, Mr. B, but never my own full cup. Growing up my family never enjoyed or appreciated a good cup of joe. The fresh brew just wasn’t part of our morning routines. I always thought of coffee as the crazy man’s drink. You drink it, you get hooked, you can’t function in the morning without it, repeat routine. I assume this is why I too never got excited for the stuff. Well, whatever the case, today marked an adult milestone for me. Did I cross over? Does this mean, I too am finally a “grown up”? Look out Mr. B!

We got back on the road fairly quick and departed for the coast.

Once we arrived, Mr. B set up his scuba gear, while I parked it on a beachfront park bench and Skyped with my grandparents.


Afterwards, I followed my bliss…

If you couldn’t guess…my bliss involves my two feet on land and my camera.


Hope you had a blissful Saturday afternoon too!


The October sky has us all under a spell tonight. The pinky, bluish, and purply hues are so magical. I could sit and stare out at the beautiful sky all night. I can’t help but think of the Indian summer nights in our home state of Pennsylvania. I’d sit on the back patio for hours at our home, my grandparents, or my in-laws and just be completely wrapped up in the moment.

Those memories may seem so far away right now, but oh how they comfort and sooth my wee little bee heart.

What does October look like tonight where you are?


Sometimes I feel like the most simplest ingredients from your own kitchen are the best.

There is nothing like warm toasted rye bread with a little spinach, swiss, tomato, and turkey.

A side of celery with peanut butter and raisins. I like to believe its the more adult version of ants on a log.


Sip it all down with some bubbly. Sparkling water silly!

Happy Monday!

Foodie Pen Pal

This month I took a chance and decided to try a foodie pen pal program.

What fun!

I’m so glad that I did! I had a blast gathering up all my Korean treats and sending it out to my Pen Pal to experience. I too was just as eager to see what was making its way over from the states for me.

This month my foodie pen pal sender was Melissa from Quincy, IL. Melissa was so sweet! She sent me a wonderfully articulated card explaining everything she included in her package.

So what was all included you ask?

Melissa decided that she wanted to share her local delicacies with me.

Salsa, mixed nuts, handmade dish towels, some of her favorite hot teas, Sesame sticks, and some other little yummy things.

I could hardly contain myself when I opened the package, I instantly had to Melissa a thank you back.

I cannot wait to see who I get to linked up with in October after such a great experience!