The Trick Is…

…Eating it without letting it touch your tongue.

Those were the last famous words uttered by some friends at dinner the other night. We decided to give a Korean fried chicken place a try here in Dongducheon. Like cafes, Korea definitely has no shortage of their fried chicken and Hof restaurants. Typically Mr. B and I would have most likely passed up this cuisine and opted for something else Korean. However, we were delightfully surprised and welcomed the change. It’s good to change-up your routine, don’t you agree?

The restaurant we went to was Two Two Fried Chicken. The chicken was incredibly moist. The garlic chicken was very, very garlicky. My cajan chicken salad was excellent. Now, I also must warn that the hot was indeed very, very hot! HAHA! Now I don’t have to explain the title and opening remark to this blog post. All and all, the chicken was mighty tasty.





After dinner we went on the hunt for dessert. We had a few things in our minds of what might work. At last we decided to share the traditional Korean summer treat, pot bing su, or shaved ice with red beans. Folks, don’t knock it until you try it!


Wonderful laughs, good food, great company, and fun new memories! A weeknight doesn’t get much better than that!


    1. Last famous words! We had a blast! Thanks again for the great company!! Hope all is well, you are back safe and sound and your family is enjoying the Korean goodies.

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