The Korean Washer/Dryer Combo!

I was able to Skype with my mom this morning! She like others have been asking and are curious to know about the Korean appliances. I decided I would specifically blog about our washer/ dryer combo. . . (I KNOW HOW EXCITING!)

We have a washer/ dryer combo, it’s a little machine that does both all in one. How fantastic, right?! Yeahhhh… that’s exactly what I thought too. I think the concept is a great one but overall it doesn’t quite work out the way we would like it to. Typically for our household of two we in the states we would do maybe two or three loads of laundry a week. Plus I am sort of impatient and would shove a ton into the washer and dyer hoping and thinking it would help speed up my laundry chore.

Typically Korean’s do not have dryers at all. I am told this is due to the high electricity cost to run it. We are lucky that the place we have came furnished with one! The machine is smaller in size so than what we owned in the states. Obviously, we cannot cram what we might have into a load back in the states too. If you do decide to cram in a bunch of stuff it doesn’t get washed properly and to dry everything takes even longer only adding to the three hour process it already has! Also, the lint… that is another issue in itself! The lint ends up on most of your dark clothing creating more work in the end as well.

So how do the Koreans dry clothing? I have included some pictures below that you can check out. Clothing is hung to dry. Alot of apartments feature an enclosed balcony, or what Koreans call a veranda (pronounced “beh-lan-da”). This is and area where they hang clothing, gain extra storage, or where people do miscellaneous chores.

This is what the enclosed balconies look like from the outside. You can see there are clothing hanging to dry (Shown below).

Enclosed balcony known as a veranda

Our veranda can be accessed through a sliding glass door acting as a window/ wall in a bedroom ( Shown below).

How to access the veranda


This is what our veranda looks like once you open the two glass doors. Right now we are using it as storage for some of our larger items (Shown below).
What our veranda looks like

Thanks for baring with us as we take you buzz you through the excitement of the Korean washer/ dryer combo!

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