Open Air Market in Dongducheon

Tonight we decided to take a trip to the Open Air Market located in Dongducheon. It was a really unique experience! The feeling of the Open Air Market was almost like going to the flea-market with my Grandparents only everything here was obviously written in Korean. In the states markets are where you purchase local fruits, vegetables, baked goods, clothing, sometimes even meat. This market was actually very similar to that experience except for in the states you don’t typically get to see and purchase live eel, fried squid, different variations of Kimchi, rice, seaweed, and mandu (Korean dumplings). Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Dad- Please note the picture of me getting ready to try my fried squid! I said to Larry that you would be dry heaving the whole time walking through the marketplace. : )


  1. The squid looked good. I would have tried it right next to you. Though I don’t know how much seafood I will be eating from now on. Because of the leakage going on in Japan. Tried to call you this morning your time. Everything is fine just wanted to talk to you two. Miss you very much, give us a call when you get a chance.

    1. Hi Dave! Great “meeting” you! Welcome to the area. Are you familiar with the round about traffic circle downtown, or the street that leads towards the Ville area (Not 3). If you are, the open market is right at the traffic circle, and off the street that you leads you towards the Ville area. Please feel free to let me know if you want me to include more specifics on how to get there. Hope you enjoy as much as we do!

      You can copy and paste these map coordinates into google maps and see the exact location. 37.900067,127.052657

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