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Picking Strawberries 딸기

There’s nothing quite as sweet and springlike as eating freshly picked strawberries right off the vine. Somehow last year I missed out on strawberry picking season. So I did my research and made sure to know when the strawberry season would occur for the new year. It just so happens that April is peak strawberry season here in Korea.

Back in the states, I absolutely loved to go strawberry picking. I mean what’s not to love about eating your own body weight in berry goodness? Plus, I cannot think of anything more peaceful than wandering down rows of bright berry beds and carefully selecting the perfect gem to come home with me.

Today I roped my two counterparts into checking out a local berry farm. I wasn’t sure of the actual address, the hours, or if it even really existed. All I had was a hunch and a belly growling for berries, so off we went.

We were able to easily find the place, but when we pulled up and did some investigating the place looked sort of empty. Unsure, I walked around the backside of the building and took a look. Peaking into the greenhouses from the road I could see long lush rows of strawberry plants. Okay, perfect! This was the place! Hmmm….but where were the people? It was noon-ish, on a Saturday. I called the number on the sign posted out front. A sweet Korean man who barely spoke English answered. Between my limited Korean and his English, he arrived 3 minutes later!

For 10,000W, think $10.00 USD, the farmer handed us three plastic containers for our strawberries, led us into the greenhouse and proceeded to show us how to pick and enjoy the berries. He proudly emphasized eating the berries as we picked. Of course we could absolutely get on board with that!

The strawberry picking experience was slightly different from in the states for me. In Korea the strawberry plants are lifted off the ground on these 4FT planters, making the entire picking experience much more enjoyable!

As we picked down through the greenhouse we came upon a bee hive. Strawberry flowers need to be pollinated, without pollination berries usually result in misshapen fruit. I learned that a recommended bee hive size for greenhouse strawberry is one with 6,000 to 8,000 bees per 11,000 sq feet per small hive. Buzz, Buzz……



Located in Yangju off of highway Three. Coming from Dongducheon, turn left when at Yanju City Hall. The greenhouse is Located right on your left, after you make your left turn.

10,000 W per container, all you can eat

Biking And Mcdonalds


Wait…isn’t that any oxymoron?

No..no..just done all for the love of vanilla soft serve ice-cream. (Will explain further in a bit)

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day! The sun was out in full force and the temperature was actually in the upper 70’s. Ahh… I knew after church this morning whatever my plan involved, it was going to involve getting out and enjoying the amazing weather.

Fast forward to noonish, ate lunch quickly at home, texted back my friend, and made a plan that we were going to get out and about.

Biking! We decided to take the bike path that runs parallel with the subway and see how far we could go. We started in Dongducheon and road until we were in Nogyang. Needless to say we biked our little butts off. We had a blast though and that’s all that mattered.

So you are most likely scratching your head wondering where the vanilla ice-cream comes into play. Well, we decided if we road our bikes all that way we might as well get a treat for all that hard work. Besides, our bums hurt! We needed something to take the edge off, plus ice-cream makes everything 10x better!

The best part about the bike path is that you can ride as far as you want and not have to worry about riding back. Yes! You heard me right, you simply catch the subway back bike and all.



Cheers to Sunday adventures!