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You know that unexpected moment when a dear friend text’s you to see what you are doing, they are in need of a girls day, you end up meeting them while out doing your casual Saturday randomness? Of course they are looking smashing…and you on the other hand woke up that morning not thinking you’d run in to anyone you knew because let’s face it…your in Korea! You left the house basically keeping it real. Forget about really trying to tame your frazzles, that never even crossed your mind. Then, you are having so much fun chatting, warming up over some 20,000KRW Budae Jjigae,eating od’ing on sweets (come on folks FREE Krispy Kreme’s you know you can’t pass that up), walking around finding strange boutique with doll heads, arms, and legs detached, odd Engrish statements, and just plain laughing that you feel like you need to document it…no matter how hideous you look? Yeah, that happened to me today. Love you K! Thanks for the unexpected girls day!

2012_03_31 Ladies Weekend

2012_03_31 Ladies WeekendMar 31, 2012Photos: 17

I was scolded for taking pictures in the Too Cool For School cosmetic boutique. Reasoning was that this was their brand….no comment. Check out the oddly shaped mushroom puff to apply BB Cream.


We walked almost ran home once off the train because the sun set and the temperature dropped.

It took me very little time to snuggle into the rest of my Saturday night with a hot cup of chai spice black tea and some Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


Good Night Loves!