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Product Review: Bob Revolution Pro Stroller

Oh yeahhh… It’s time for a product review on a mommy Monday blog posting!! Wow… my last and one and only was back when I did a post on coconut butter. By the way that was delish!

Okay, okay enough with my magpieness. On with the review!

Gawdddd have you realized just how many strollers on the market there are?! It’s just insane! We are the couple that researches to death, this purchase wasn’t an exception.

As you could guess, being abroad, specifically in South Korea, is a bit of a challenge when it comes to purchases that you really should be checking out in person. A stroller is a purchase you want to touch, test out in the store aisle, judge height, check out the overall quality. Unfortunately that just wasn’t an option for us and we only want to pay for shipping once. Yes, you can purchase strollers in Korea, however baby products are extremely overpriced, even if you are looking for something simple.

Over our lunch breaks at work, we’d meet and watch YouTube video reviews on strollers for tall people, adjustable handlebars, all-terrain, comfort, ease of use, weight and storage capability, safety and overall quality and durability that would last and grow with our daughter. We watched and compared, watched and compared, and watched and compared some more. Finally we landed upon an agreed decision, the Bob Revolution Pro Stroller. We realized this purchase would be an investment not only for us, but for our little bumblebee.

We’re now just a little over the two month mark with our Bob and we’re loving it! It’s incredibly! To us it’s like we purchased a BMW or Mercedes, lol but for the Bebe.

As we sort of listed above, the features we love in no particular order are:

The ease of folding the BOB stroller up by pressing in the two pieces and just an easy flip like motion to unfold again. Oh and it’s fairly lightweight to lift in and out of our cars and you can easily remove all the wheels.

The suspension and shocks. No matter what the terrain, our infant bumblebee is riding around smoothly.

The plush padded handle bar that is not only incredibly functional, but also super comfortable on the hands. Calling all 6 foot parents and soon to be parents, this handle bar will adjust to a comfortable height for you. (Sooo nice!) No feet hitting the stroller and messing with your natural stride.

The stroller canopy is ginormous with peek-through window to see a toddler. We haven’t hit that stage just yet, but we have the Britax car seat attached (make sure you purchase the BOB Single Infant Car Seat Adapter for Britax to fit the car seat onto the stroller perhaps another product review later), however the canopy on the stroller does folds over the car seat and protect an infant from the elements if you use it that way.

There is a decent sized storage area underneath. We’ve fit a diaper bag and some vegetable/fruit purchases in it. Also on the backside of the stroller, think where your knees face when pushing, is a flat pocket area that will hold flat items like diapers, wipes or a light blanket.

I haven’t jogged just yet with the stroller, however all reviews from runners say that it’s excellent for exercise. I’m excited to give it a go!

We want to be completely honest and up front with this product review and list the cons/ dislikes to this stroller as well. Guess what? We haven’t really found any just yet…. We do find ourselves in a bit of a pickle when it comes to taking the stroller into Korean restaurants and coffee shops due to the tightness of tables and such. So you could say that the overall size is sometimes a con? However you could argue the fact that it easily folds up and if needed you could fold it up and stick it in the corner. Stay tuned we will update this post as we continue to use regularly.

We purchased our Bob on (you guessed it) Amazon. You can find the direct link below or BOB Revolution Pro Single Stroller, Black <here.

Do you own a Bob? If you are looking for a stroller, what features are you most interested in? We’d love to hear from you!


Click, Ship & treat yourself…or in this case the bébé !

Homemade Foie Gras Burgers

Enough of the Bebe post… although incredibly adorable… Lets talk burgers folks!

Sometimes a burger is MORE than just a burger. Let’s chat specifically about the foie gras burgers you’ve seen featured various times on our Instagram. To us, topping a homemade beef patty with a delicious hunk of perfectly seared foie gras is just sooooo comforting. The two belong together like peanut butter and jelly. Trust us on this one!

Look at that perfect rich buttery perfection. Mmmm!

We had the opportunity to share our homemade burgers with the Mr’s mom while she visited and helped us the first week after the birth of our bumblebee. Unfortunately, she wasn’t as excited to jump on the bee burger creation train (I know she’s laughing if she’s reading this).

If you’ve never had foie gras, we understand that you might hesitate to try, let’s be honest.. it’s intimidating. We also understand that if you do try, its one of those foods that are an acquired taste, you might love or loath. As a workaround we suggest throwing the foie gras on a burger like we do and you might find it less intimidating to try out. Give it a shot!

Have you ever tried foie gras? What did you think if so? We’d love to hear from you!


Her Room

So now that we’ve opened up this chapter of our lives on the blog, we’ve been asked to share our bumblebees nursery.

As you know, we live in Korea, in an apartment, so it’s a bit more challenging to style a space that you can’t really completely make your own. Even if you’re not living abroad, maybe you too can relate in the way that you rent, you’ve got to work your magic in your own way to make it that special space that you are envisioning.

Recently IKEA came to Korea! What a godsend! Haha! All the furniture in the nursery is all from you guessed it… IKEA! (Side note silly… Koreans pronounce Ikea, E-key-a.)

So why exactly is IKEA a godsend you ask? Isn’t it just like transitional furniture you ask? Well… Unfortunately most Korean furniture is made from partial board, yes, much like IKEA, however muchhhhh more expensive. Yeah…

We really just wanted to keep things simple and clean-looking. We decided upon gray, black and white as the primary colors, no real theme. Simple.

Bedding and mostly everything you see was ordered from Amazon, or gifted from sweet families and friends. It was overwhelming in an amazing way to realize just how blessed we are, our bumblebee is, with all this showering of love from all around the globe! (Thank you all again!!)

So there you have it! We hope you enjoyed another look into our lives while we’re living abroad and navigating this new adventure together.

Can you relate with decorating restrictions in your home? It can be a monetary restriction, or perhaps you rent too, how did you overcome and make the space your own? Looking forward to hearing from you.


Spiciness with age

I wasn’t raised on very spicy foods…actually, I’d really label my childhood as pretty “vanilla” when it came to any sort of spiciness. But hey! That’s okay, because my very favorite ice-cream flavor just so happens to be vanilla! Ha-ha! I’m wild, I know!

Most know this little factoid, however some readers do not, my husband and I were both born and raised right in the same area of Central Pennsylvania. So a lot of our childhood experiences with, places, family traditions, and local foods, are very similar and easy to reminisce about together. (The Sub Shop, Knoebels Grove, ham loaves, growing up with grandparents that we’re practically parents, experiencing 4 seasons!)

So that brings me back to us chatting about if he too experienced a similar spice-less existence? Outside of childhood candy like warheads and cinnamon balls, he too was rather “vanilla”. Ha-ha! Womp-womp.

Fast forward to our adventures in Korea and you’d think we were two totally different people! Our taste have done some sort of crazy flip-flop and we crave and cannot get enough spice! We’re always testing our limits ordering more spice, telling the Korean restaurants, “The spicier the better”. Yes, quite the duo we are, what a spectacle when we’re eating spicy squid together.

The spicy thing is just one thing that’s boggling my mind lately when I really sit back and think about it. It sounds so elementary and simple, like, ohhh wow! You are adults your taste have changed.. WOW…

No! They really, really have! Our tastebuds have aged, as we have.

Here’s another fun giggle for you.. We thought we were really “cooking” when we first got married and purchased our first home. We’d take a weekend trip North to SAMs Club and pick up frozen individual breaded eggplants. We’d bake them in the oven and top them off with spaghetti sauce and shredded mozzarella. Boom! We were so proud! (In our defense, they were/are pretty tasty.)

Again, fast-forward and change countries, now we frequent our local vegetable stand weekly, try to stay away from most processed foods, and haven’t purchased an actual loaf of bread in 6 months? We bake our own loaf about bi-weekly. Pantry staples are now giant jars of jalapeños, Coleman’s English mustard, and a plethora of spices to take our foods up another heat notch and flavor (outside of being the chronic black-pepper food coater that I am.)

Perhaps all of the reasons and then some are why we make such a big deal about being together in our kitchen cooking and creating? Whatever the reasons, we’re certainly blessed with this time, the resources, and really hope to continue to encourage our friends, family and readers to get into their kitchen and menu plan, create some foodie-magic too!

I now present to you, a little hodgepodge of our past week spicy meals. Enjoy!

^Homemade spicy chorizo sausage soup with kale pesto and homemade whole-wheat bread.

^Homemade spicy salsa Mexican rice, homemade guacamole and chicken fajitas.

^From scratch gyro meat (ground beef and lamb spiced accordingly), grilled asparagus with an oyster sauce glaze, tomato basil salad and homemade pitas.

^Homemade whole wheat banana muffins from my gal-pal Jenny’s blog. VISIT HER NOW! You will fall head over heels with her style and bluntness!