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A Come Back and Roasted Goose

Soooooo…. It’s been a while huh? Time for a come-back. I took a bit of a break and focused on life. We all need that sometimes, right? So I’m forgiven.

One way to describe how the Fall months make me feel is, you know that heart-eyed emoji? Yep. That’s me! Apple absolutely carbon copied my face. Ha-ha! Kidding. But in all seriousness, I do use that emoji every.single.text. to relay my expression to the recipient.

With all this fall talk comes intense cravings for the seasonal foods that fall brings. Right now it’s all about squash, homemade crusty breads, the hearty soups I make each weekend to warm our tummies, fresh pomegranates, and crisp apples. I always look forward to Fall and how all of the delicious foods and meals around this time of year bring family and friends together. It’s incredible that breaking bread together can break down barriers, and forge relationships. It’s something that Mr. B and I experience so often in South Korea. Our neighbors and dear friends have gifted us with all sorts of yummy treats. This year we’re looking forward to another friends-giving and will have some new faces around our table. More to report back with on that later.

I haven’t really captured many photos this Fall, except for on Instagram, of the leaves that are still bursting in burnt orange, a bright golden-yellow, and an ever stunning maroon. Recently in the mornings you can feel the briskness in the fresh air, be able to take in the sweet smell of wet leaves, and it just feels so great.

Sooo….I’m going to jump right in with some photos from our recent dinner. Mr. B and I discovered a goose while out shopping and decided to splurge and try it out. Thanks to the assistance of Chef Gordon Ramsey and this video, we spiced it up and cooked our goose!

Just take a look at this baby! The goose was incredibly flavorful and tender! If you get the opportunity grab a goose for a special dinner and get cooking.