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Thoughts Of…

How often do you dust? It’s not that I dislike it…
I’d rather just spend my time vacuuming
I very much love to vacuum. Shared a teensy bit more about myself with you
OCD. Fact of life.
Is it just me, or do some people make elevator rides awkward? I hardly ever see the people living in our building, however occasionally there’s the AM awkward ride down to the parking garage. It’s all darty eye contact and stuff…
I met up with a dear friend at a local pastry shop and not once was I tempted to touch my phone. Maybe its Asia, or just today’s society, but do you find it a rarity to dine out or meet up with others and not see them touch, check, text, or Facebook while in your company? Reminds me of this YouTube.
Oh, yeah! Happy MLK Day!
A mug of Vanilla Latte and a small tarty fro-yo while the snow falls outside