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Early Signs of Spring

This past weekend, we met up with Mr. B’s cousin Kelsey to celebrate her birthday and a group of our friends that are shortly departing South Korea, for a day of all play in the magical city of Seoul. What is it about that city? You know, it’s really hard to put into thoughts and words and I feel that the photos just never do it justice so I always yearn to go back every chance I get. Despite the typical haze, the weather was gorgeous and it was as if Spring unexpectedly surfaced just for us for the day.

Ah! the history, the food, the massive building structures, and the seemingly endless panoramic views from Namsan mountain’s Seoul Tower. Don’t just take my word for it, enjoy some of my favorite moments captured below why don’t you…

We started the day early with our daily dose of protein, fresh milkshakes, and perfectly crisp french-fries at Brooklyn Burger. Our friends found this restaurant and immediately decided this needed to be included on our next adventure. The arteries might be clogged, but the rave reviews truly didn’t disappoint! Even baby Jilly bean approved as she tasted my peanut butter banana milkshake. Then again who doesn’t trust a place that features a photo of Ice Cube on ice machine?

PS: Get to Brooklyn Burger early and get your name on the waiting list. The restaurant only has about 5 tables and it doesn’t take long until the place gets a crowd.

We then walked around the French district, Seorae Village. We checked out a few little gift stores in the area and of course made a stop by Paris Croissant and picked up some handmade chocolat and macarons. I was absolutely in my element. I learned that although Paris Croissant is a chain bakery, this location was the only in South Korea that uses true French flour. Oh! the aroma…As soon as we crossed the entryway the amazing aroma of freshly baked breads and pastries filled the air. The space was beautiful with a grand staircase that lead down to the basement where you could shop for incredible cakes, French cheeses, wine, macarons and chocolat. If you went up the staircase from the main floor, you could eat the goodies purchased from the main floor or basement, or continue up the staircase to the Café. I found myself stopping on the staircase watching the bakers as they prepped the counter space for another batch of bread. I was in a trance as they kneaded and rolled. I then realized that everyone had already left and was waiting for me outside. I snapped a few more photos and jetted out the door. à bientôt as ah bee-ahn-too!

(I’m loving the photo bomb of Kelsey’s kimchi fingers)

After our shortly lived trip to “Paris” we hailed a cab and headed over to Namsan mountain to take the cable car up to Seoul Tower. Unfortunately a lot of other people had the same thoughts as us and the lines were a bit out of control. Nonetheless, we eventually made it as the sun was starting to set. We walked around a bit, checked out the views both from the observatory and from the restrooms. LOL yes… the restrooms.

After we took the cable car back down the mountain we hailed another cab and headed for our predetermined sushi house dinner. You know when we come to Seoul sushi is almost mandatory, few exceptions.

Sunday morning we all slept in, truly it was needed after the long fun-filled Saturday we had. It was another beautiful spring like day so we took a walk to show Kelsey around our little neighborhood. To continue on with celebrating Kelsey’s birthday we went to Dino meats, previously featured on the blog, introduced Kelsey to various cuts of meat, followed up by a birthday potbingsu. A perfect ending to an absolutely perfect weekend!

Happy birthday dear Kelsey! We are over the moon your here and we got to celebrate your special day with you!

Brooklyn Burgers:
551-32 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu.

Paris Croissant:
Address: 95-9 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu
Telephone: 02-3478-9139
Hours: 7am – 11pm

Namsan Cable Car:
Fare: Round-trip: 6,300 won, One-way: 4,800 won
Hours: 10:00~22:30
83, Sopa-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 중구 소파로 83 (회현동1가)


Day 8 R&S Invade South Korea

Rebecca was up and out the door this morning at 6:00AM to catch the metro down to City Hall in Seoul. Today is the DMZ tour and it takes approximately one hour and ten minutes to go from our metro station to the City Hall station. What a trooper! She woke up with a very runny nose and stuffy head. It might be allergies, it might be just a plain old case of the Korean crud, either way I knew it was going to be a pretty rough day for her.

Mr. B and I both had to finish out the work-week today. We were both delighted that Rebecca could go tour the DMZ and get a feel for the hope that exists for North Korea and South Korea to reunify. Rebecca said that the tour guide was a riot and reminded her of a little gangster when she used certain phrases or exhibited certain expressions. She thought to herself while on the tour that Id get a kick out of it. She knows me so well, I’m sure that I totally would have!

Once we were all back home in the evening, We wanted to hear how the tour was. Rebecca said it was good however the visibility was much like that of looking at North Korea on a google map. Eeek! That bad?! Yes, the sky was rather gloomy all day and it definitely would have affects on the South Korea DMZ observatory. That mother nature can really be a Debbie downer sometimes…All and all, Rebecca and I both are grateful, we know it may be a once in a lifetime opportunity experience.

Rebecca’s symptoms were definitely peaking in the evening and she was in dire need of some antihistamine or decongestant. We took care of her, many thanks to Mr. B, sometimes I am not sure what id do without this man folks, what a godsend. We hung out for a bit allowing the medication to sooth Rebecca’s system. About twenty or thirty minutes later she was actually starting to dry up a bit. She commented on how nice it was not to have to blow her nose every few seconds.

The semi re-charged Rebecca bravely blurted that she could handle going for dinner when we were ready. Dinner, dinner? Did someone mention dinner? Mr. B’s ears were certainly perked at this point. All week Mr. B knew that Friday night dinner plans meant D-I-N-O-M-E-A-T-S,those words were magical to Mr. B. and he was up and about and ready to go in no time. Uh-oh Rebecca…hope you are ready for this place.

We like to go to Dino Meats occasionally. Okay, okay, using the word occasionally very loosely here. This is a restaurant that is very popular because of the copious amounts of meat that you can consume. You hand select every cut and type of meat that you personally will grill and eat right at your own table. You must take off your shoes before entering and you must sit on the floor. We enjoy seeing the reaction of people who go for the first time because of all the key items listed above such as the floor seating, all you can eat meat, grilling at your table, and removal of shoes. It’s fun!

So how does one eat like a dinosaur? What a splendid question! I think we should ask Rebecca about that one…

Mmmm Hmmm… we indoctrinated Rebecca right away. We let Rebecca hand select the first round of meats. We then proceeded to provide her with a gigantic lettuce leaf and let her go to town. Mr. B said she had to eat it the Korea way. The Korean way, she asked? Yes, prior to consumption, you take whatever slice of the cooked meat you like and place it on the lettuce, with some cooked rice, or any combination of the vegetable such as the sliced garlic, kimchi, mushrooms, bean sprouts, or grilled onions. The final step, roll everything up in the leaf, and shove the entire thing in your mouth. It sounds easy right? I swear, it’s some form of mastering food art.

What a champ! She did it! Enjoyed it too! We giggled about how the first time Mr. B and I had to eat the meal this way we were trying to be all proper and have manners. Trying to perhaps tackle the leaf with some scientific approach and tear it in half, this way it would be smaller bites and smaller portions. WHOAAAAA!!! That wasn’t flying with our accompanying friends. When you are in a Korean “beef and leaf” restaurant in Korea, all the years you were drilled not to shove your mouth so full with food goes right out the window.

Bellies stuffed to the gills we went home.

2012_06_22 Rebecca Day Eight

2012_06_22 Rebecca Day EightJun 22, 2012Photos: 9

Eat Drink and be Merry….

That is exactly what we did tonight. If you are familiar with our past blog posts you know that we really enjoyed the food and experience at the Dino Meat Restaurant the last time we went. The past two weeks have been a bit of a blur with travel, trips, anniversaries, birthdays, and new ventures to come. To officially kick of the weekend we dined at Dino Meats with some great friends!

We were sat towards the back of the restaurant due to it being a busy Friday night. We ended up in a section that had tables reserved for a large party. We basically had the entire back part of the restaurant to ourselves until the large party came towards the end of our meal. We loved it! We had plenty of room to stretch out and just enjoy ourselves.

The large party consisted of various aged Korean’s celebrating with a lot of grilled meat and a lot of soju. We loved to watch the ladies as they all started with their hair down but as they continued to drink the soju they would pull it back into a ponytail. Each time they would take a shot of the soju their cheeks and faces would take on a rosier shade.  It was incredible to watch how they effortlessly shoved the different types of meats wrapped in lettuce and other sides into their mouths. We all got a kick out of it because no matter how hard we would tried to shovel leaves into our mouths the same way it never quite worked out. Although this time I was prepared with a tide-stick just in case.

We ended up selecting some new types of meat this time. Doris and I were on a search mission for meat that we had loved the last time we were here. It was thinly sliced meat that reminded us of a cheese-steak minus the cheese from the states.  There was much debate around who thought what meat it was. In the end everything was amazing and we left with our bellies very full.

After dinner everyone came back to our place to enjoy some coffee and strawberry shortcake. We ended up calling it a night before eleven because we knew we had to get up bright and early the next morning for the DMZ Tour.


Dino Meat Grill House

We went to a fun Korean BBQ restaurant tonight called Dino Meat Grill House in “New City” Dongducheon. Honestly, It really should be called Dino-mite meats because it’s absolutely fantastic! We Bee’s give this place two thumbs up! We enjoyed our meal with our two good travel buddies Hector and Doris.

We made sure to snap some pictures for our fellow blog followers so that they could partake in the experience as well.

Before entering the restaurant you remove your shoes and place them in or around the shoe slots.  We were immediately greeted and seated by the host. The seating is quaint and bit different as you sit on a small flat pillow on the floor.

Next the server will bring you an array of sides that consist of salads, various sauces, whole garlic cloves, and of course kimchi. Foreigners prep yourself utensils only consist of metal chopsticks and a long handled soupspoon.

Next you take your silver tray and head up to the meat buffet. At the meat buffet you are hand selecting your own meats with metal tongs. The meat options consisted of beef ribs, pork galbi, samgyeopsal, sausages, thinly sliced marinated beef (reminding us of chopped cheese steak meat), and meat patties. We have to note again that the meat is seasoned and flavored FANTASTICLLY! Oh and that you can select as much or as little of the meats you want. However we also must inform you that you will be charged if you take meat that you do not eat. This cuts down on people acting solely on eyes and not stomachs.

Now it’s time to start up your tables grill. The grill takes about 5 – 10 minutes to get warmed up. This is where we thought it reminded us of the Melting Pot or a Brazilian steakhouse in the states. Each table comes equipped with its own grill. We were able to gather some quick tips from the teens that were grilling and chilling to the left of us. Don’t worry if you get stuck or need some sides replenished, you simply press the “call button” that is located on your table for the wait staff.

Thirsty? Glad you mentioned it! At Dino meats you can opt for various Korean beverages both alcoholic and non

So how much cabbage is this place going to set you back? Get ready for this…. 14,000 won per person! What a steal for all the meat you can eat! Remember, no tipping, the price you see is the price you pay, end of story.