Sweet Korean Fall Finds

Anyone living or visiting Korea ever tried Bungeoppang (붕어빵) ? When Mrs B arrived in March she immediately started to compile a list of things she wanted to do or try before she ever left Korea. You guessed it, these delightful little fish pastries made the list.

We Bee’s were out an about on Sunday afternoon and we found a vendor selling them! Plus they give you three for 1000 won, STEAL!

So what is Bungeoppang? As you can probably see from the above picture, the outer layer is a batter consistency that has been cooked in a metal fish-shaped iron. The outer layer taste much like a pancake or waffle. Now what you cannot see by looking at the picture is what bungeoppang is filled with. The center is sweet red bean paste, come on… this is Korea…what else would it be filled with? It’s funny to say “sweet” because it’s really not a sickening sweet taste, but rather a mild sweetness. (Struggling to describe the experience in exact words).

YEY! We get to cross another item off the list 🙂 If you are out and about and see a vendor selling these, try it out! Let us know what you think.

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