Special Korean Treats

We picked up some fun little treats from a local Korean grocery and market to send to class Mrs. Sylar’s class. The package includes (as shown left to right in photo) Korean traditional pan-fried cake (peanut flavored) but you also can get it in sea laver (seaweed), or ginger flavor, Roasted seaweed, a big bag of assorted candy, two bags of assorted cakes including monaka, Glutinous rice monaka, Chestnut monaka, Green tea monaka, pancakes, manjoo cookies, filled cookies, and three packs of almond pepero sticks (not shown).

Our favorites from the package are the almond pepero sticks, the peanut flavored pan-fried cake, some of the assorted candy flavors to include coffee and pineapple, and the round little manjoo cookies.

Of course Bean had to check out what we were sending and wanted to try to chew on the plastic packaging. After telling her no a million times she headed off to her kitty bed to sulk.

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