Soyosan on Sunday

2012_03_11 Sunday Soyo Hike

2012_03_11 Sunday Soyo HikeMar 11, 2012Photos: 10

Sunday we decided to take a stroll up Soyosan to the buddhist temple. The last time we had hiked up there, the temple grounds had seen better days. Yes, the flooding from the heavy rains last year really did a number.

The air was quite brisk, but the sun was actually shining through the bare tree branches keeping us warm on our hike.

Once on the hiking path, we were glad to see that the grounds were in full swing of repair. The park crew already had water runoffs dug alongside of the roadway leading up to the base of the mountain.

Now…all we need is the beautiful spring weather! We just might get our request later this week!


Woot-Woot!! Check out that weather forecast!! Okay, don’t look at the snow’s the 50’s we are digging!

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