Reluctant To Go

Today we Bees slept in. We didn’t want to face the reality that today we have to pack and go back home. We took notice that for the first time the entire trip, it was raining and overcast. Hate to say it but, how fitting for our current moods.

We did our normal resort routine, ate a large delicious breakfast.

We packed up belongings and hung out for an hour in the outdoor lobby area waiting for van service to take us to the Cebu Airport. While we waited, the resort staff that took us to the SM Mall the other day approached wanted to say goodbyes and provided us with two free water bottles. Seriously, this place is just so welcoming and customer friendly.

The staff loaded up the airport van and away we went.

We got to the airport about 30 minutes before we could actually check in at our gate. We started to realize that we were glad we did. The lines started to get pretty long and the small space started to become filled rather quickly.

We checked our baggage, went through the different areas. Mrs. B got told that she needed to check her umbrella. HA-HA! Yes, an umbrella. Nothing said about the two water bottles and various other things that could have been questionable, only the umbrella.

Almost completely through we had to end by paying a fee to leave the country and then go through customs. Oh, about two hours later we realized that we paid the fee one to many times. Oops! It was only about ten dollars give or take.. not that much of a blow. Now talk about the cost of baggage for overweight luggage….that was a HUGE blow to our wallets.

We were all set to fly our waiting at our gate and then an announcement came over the loud speaker that the flight was going to be delayed for an hour and a half. Well, it ended up being more like two hours but, what can you do? Mr. B watched TV and played on the Ipad while Mrs. B finished her book.

Finally the announcement came over the loud speaker that our flight had landed and was now going to be boarding. We got onto the plane and we actually had leg room because we ended up being seated in emergency exit! Score!

In flight Larry ordered and ate Ramon noodles and carrot cake. Both choices not to shabby.

When getting ready to land the flight Captain announced Incheon’s weather was 26 degrees…brrrrr! No wonder we were experiencing such a reluctant feeling to leave the tropical paradise!

We ended up eating dinner in airport once our flight landed. We knew it would be way to late once we actually got home to cook something. At this point we were very tired. We opted for a Shanghai chicken spice sandwich from McDonalds.

We hit the road back to our place. Both of us Bees had work in the morning. Back to the daily grind……

Did you have a good Christmas? Travel many miles?

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