Merry Christmas

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Santa Clause is coming to town!

We Bee’s woke up Christmas Morning and got to see Santa Clause giving out goodies to the children staying at the resort. How cute! These kids were some of the bravest I’ve seen. No tears or fears when it came to sitting on Santa’s lap.

We grabbed breakfast like normal. We then proceeded to finish up our family calls on Skype. We got to see Mr. B’s family open their gifts and share their Christmas Eve (time difference) with us! It’s really nice because we still had that distant connection of being apart of our normal holiday traditions. Speaking of traditions, Mrs. B stated that it was a really weird feeling knowing that our normal family tradition of getting together at the grandparents house and opened gifts and eating cookies, shrimp, snacks still just continues on the same, but without us. (sniff, sniff)

After our skype session we put on our bathing suites and went down to the beach to get in some more snorkeling. The resort has a very nice bay area that contains an awesome amount of ocean marine life. We had a blast! We saw so many beautifully different colored tropical fish. Mrs. B shoved gently pushed Mr. B into a weird and scary looking fish. Mrs. B said that really she was trying to Mr. B’s legs away from her so that she could turn around and away from getting kicked, and get some distance from the scary looking fish. MmmmHmmmmm….still not very convinced at the entire story.

After a few hours of snorkeling and floating around the ocean bay area, we Mr. B fell asleep in beach lounge chairs under a large umbrella. Mrs. B people watched and enjoyed the calming sounds of the ocean waves. Ahhhhh….relaxinnngggg.

It was near 4 pm and we still hadn’t ate lunch. We decided to go back to our room and get showered and dressed. We decided to order salads and drinks at the pool bar. What an excellent choice! The salads were fresh and super yummy.

After eating our salads, talking, and sipping our tropical drinks, we decided to make our way to the rooftop of Manny-O’s. Manny-O’s was another resort restaurant. We figured since it was the last night we wanted to try it out and of course get on some serious tropical drinkage. We started with large spring rolls and split a huge grilled steak cheeseburger. We finished everything off with more drinks. How refreshing!

The sky was now completely dark. We sat on the rooftop of the restaurant looking at the bay, the fish swimming in the light below, the picturesque moonlit sky, the stars, and the beachfront. This night was just outstanding and incredible all in the same breath.

While chatting waiting on more drinks, the power went out. Yes, everything completely went pitch black. We watched the entire beachfront area go black for less than 5 minutes then kick back on. Mrs. B said that she noticed that power went off about three times in the past few days/nights since we had been here because her Iphone would beep as if it were unplugged from the wall. Guess one to many Christmas lights were plugged in all at once for the area power grid to handle.

After the power kicked back on, the waitress brought us our drinks. We sipped, continued to talk and then off in the distance on the beachfront a beautiful firework display was set off.

It was getting pretty late. We decided to head back to our room to turn in. After all, we had to get back to reality the next afternoon.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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