Kimchi Kickoff

November kicks off Korea’s kimchi making (kimjang) season. Families stock pile heaping amounts of cabbage to make a large supply of kimchi to get through the winter months.

These cabbage heads are HUGE! I’m not sure if Korean soil is pumped full of super-duper growing nutrients? They seriously could break some world records here!

Tonight I came home and the elevator doors opened on our floor to this…


🙂 Our Korean neighbors are certainly not wasting anytime getting their kimchi making on!

Luckily, we Bees are recipients of three different types of Kimchi today from some friends! Thank you, thank you! We are so spoiled with amazing friendships we have made along the way of our Korean adventures.


And yes, we triple ziplock bagged each…(if you have any familiarity with Kimchi there is no need for us to explain)

Have you ever tried kimchi? Do you prefer a “new” kimchi or a more fermented kimchi?


  1. I just arrived in Korea last week and was very interested in attempting to make my own batch of Kimchi. Any pointers on someone that might be able to guide me down a correct path for this? My family lives at Humanvill and I’m trying to build up a network of new friends. This is not my first time in Korea, but it is my first time living here. Just moved from Northern Japan and I’m sure it’ll take a little while to properly adjust.

    1. Hi Kyle! I think the best suggestion is just to start making friends with your Korean neighbors! We have had such a great experience so far living where we live. The Korean families are so accepting and welcoming to us. We have also heard of Kimchi making courses in Seoul if that is something you are interested in? Just google it! Best of luck and welcome back to South Korea!

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