Han’s Deli

A friend and I decided to take a walk and grab lunch along the way. We ended up stopping in a few places but changing our minds until we saw the Han Deli sign on the second floor of a building location in New City. The restaurant is located conveniently close to the Dongducheon- Jihaeng train station.

Woot-woot! A deli, or so we thought… ha-ha! There really isn’t anything deli-like about this place except for the name and the decor. There are no cold-cuts, veggies, or salads awaiting you to create the perfect sandwich. No, what the “deli” does feature on the menu is about a half-dozen spaghetti dishes, almost a full page of cutlets, all sorts of chicken in different sauces, and of course seafood. Don’t worry the menu features nice pictures of each dish as well as Korean and English translation.

First you will be given the menu when entering the restaurant and when you decide what you are having you go to the counter place your order and pay. Once the food is ready the staff will bring the food to your table. The restaurant is more westernized with scenes from New York and had tall tables and chairs. The young girl taking the oders spoke broken english but really made an effort to try to communicate everything about the order with us.

The prices are fantastic! We had the fish cutlet for $5,600w and the chicken ball Doria for $5,900w. This fish came with radishes, rice, and two decent sized pieces of breaded fish. Much to our surprise the fish was really fresh and really tasty. The chicken ball Doria was just as tasty and had balls of breaded chicken, some sort of rice with a sauce that reminded you of marinara, and cheese melted on top.

We both agreed we would eat here again and try something new. We were told the menu changes seasonally so what we enjoyed this time might be gone next time depending on when we get back there again.

The website is http://www.hansdeli.com . I apologize in advance the pictures are from my iphone.

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