Fresh Tofu and Bean Paste

Without giving out to much of another good thing… we met some undisclosed friends at another undisclosed location near our home that served fresh homemade tofu and homemade bean paste. Forget the typical Christmas dreams of sugar plums dancing in our heads, we are now envision kimchi pots filled with fresh homemade tofu and bean paste. Mmmmm!

What I can disclose is that our bee bellies were both very pleased by the end of the meal. The location is fairly new and makes the homemade tofu and bean paste on location for ordering or to pickup and take home with you. The view was excellent! I could picture the backdrop with a fresh covering of snow in the winter months or the lush dark green trees in the spring and summer months.



From an outside perspective, what do you think about all the side dishes that accompany a traditional Korean meal? Are you thinking what I’m thinking…Dang, who is doing all those dishes? HA HA!

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