Foodie Pen Pal October

Happy Halloween!

AH! The candy, kids costumes, parties, baby pumpkins, spooky black cats…

Wait, did I already mention the sugary candy?

I love reminiscing about Halloween as a child. It makes me giggle to think back on some of the silly costumes I must have begged my mother to be. Those were the days. The only thing that truly mattered in the month of October was making that life altering decision to be a blue crayon, a lumberjack, Minnie Mouse, or a robot for Halloween. Oh, and what houses had the best candy too!

When you are a child, Halloween was so exciting! Halloween was a day of possibilities!

Anything you’d wish to be for one night came true. What fun it was!

October marks the second month that I have a foodie pen pal. I was so lucky to have been linked up with Melissa from treats with a twist, Memphis, TN. Melissa was the absolute sweetest! Prior to mailing out my package Melissa did some research not only via e-mail on me, but read through some of my blog postings to get to know me better.

If I could box fall up, id have to say that this would be the box!

Trader Joe goodies, pumpkin coffee, flavored pumpkin coffee syrup, pumpkin butter, candy corn, and so much more!

Just look at all the fall goodness!


Melissa, Thank you again for sending a box of Fall my way! You were such a doll to get to know! I look forward to keeping in touch!


  1. What a great FPP package! That pumpkin pie nut butter sounds sooooo good. And I don’t think anyone can go wrong with Reese’s LOL. Thanks for sharing with everyone 🙂

  2. What a great little package of goodies! I spy Honey Apple Butter in that pic! I love honey and apple butter….i bet it’s delicious together! Wish I had a Trader Joes near me so I could go get some…Nuts!

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