Fantastic Find, Fabulous Time!

Sitting here recapping my Saturday before going to bed.

Mr. B is scuba diving today, I woke up caught the 7AM bus with some friends and their baby G down to Songtan to do some shopping and eating. No real game plan, totally out of my norm, but it’s nice to have those days every once and awhile.

Fantastic find – Lunch! We ate at a quant little Japanese restaurant called


Food was delish! (However, i may just be bias because i could eat sushi or rolls everyday of my life…Yes, I am indeed obsessed!)



Service was excellent and super friendly!

I was able to share with our friends From In, the coffee shop that Mr.B and I absolutely adore when we visit the area.

We all enjoyed my favorite vanilla chai. Mmmm! They loved it just as much too 🙂 Ah! I just love sharing good things and small finds with people!



Look! Now Mrs. P can cross eating bungeoppan off her list (Remember the little fish pastries).

Snapped some pictures of baby G. What a beautiful little guy! He’s such a well behaved and smart little guy. I loved that he was so trusting with me that on the way home he zonked out in my arms. Is there anything more peaceful looking?



What a fabulous time!

How was your Saturday?

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