A Baby Shower

You know what?
Baby Showers are kind of the best…
You get to decorate your special location party place all whimsical and what not,
Stuff it full of fun people.
Eat sweets
And gush over the baby and parents to be.
What a wonderful twist of spirits ending a hectic work week.

Tonight we celebrated with the M family as they eagerly await the debut of their sweet boy A.

2012_03_30 Baby Shower

2012_03_30 Baby ShowerMar 30, 2012Photos: 7

All week at work the Korean ladies have been discussing what exactly a baby shower is. “How do you shower the baby before it gets here?”, “what does it mean to shower a baby?” Honestly being one of three American women at my work, we never gave it much thought that a baby shower wasn’t something typical the Korean culture might celebrate.

Tonight one of the Korean ladies I worked with decided to celebrate with us and see exactly what a baby shower was like. We played games like guess what chocolate was mushed in the baby dipper, timed fill in the nursery rhyme, measure how round the parents to be standing together are, blindfolded feed the “baby”, and see who can drink apple juice out of the baby bottle the fastest (pretty hysterical to watch!). You know, all the works.

Being a foreigner in Korea you tend to forge together and make “families” with the people you go to church with, work with, are friends with. These people help bridge the gap and make home feel a little less far away.

We ended the night with gift opening, and of course CAKE! The parents and big sister to be were so thankful and appreciative of all the love and support displayed in that room tonight.

What a terribly fun night!

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