What Does Summer Taste Like?

Well, to me it taste like….
F r e s h W a t e r m e l o n
B l u e b e r r i e s
With the summer temperatures soaring into the upper 80’s and 90’s, I find myself craving chilled thirst quenching fruits. I am on my fourth watermelon of the summer. While some (cough, cough, Mr. B) claim it’s borderline obsession, I like to think of it as simply getting my fill of the summer fruits in while I can. Those long days, warm nights, fresh vegetables, fruits and summer, itself, will be a memory before you know it! *Sigh*

I guess it wouldn’t come as a shocker to know that I heard the Watermelon truck near our place this weekend, rushed out immediately and purchased another one. Obviously I wasn’t the only one needing a watermelon fix…

I was the first one to the truck. No sooner did I turn around from paying for my prized possession, people were darting across the street and pulling over out of traffic to grab one too.

Right away, I took it home and sliced it up. Naturally.

This weekend I got to Skype with my grandparents as well. It’s always so nice getting to talk to them. We always end up reminiscing about my childhood or theirs. Not to mention seeing someones face at the other end makes missing home a bit more easier.

Anyways, we talked about how fruit trucks were something normal from when they were growing up. They said it was normal to purchase your fresh fruits,vegetables, and sometimes fresh fish, from a truck that would stop by your home about once a week or so. My Grandma said that sometimes she thinks that times like those were more convenient than that of today. Fresh milk at your door every morning, eggs, etc. What an interesting perspective.

Strangely enough, South Korea has many of these options still available. The ladies that I work with get a weekly delivery of eggs, and a daily delivery of yogurt to their homes.

Also while talking with my grandparents we discussed various foods we both had been cooking lately. Cue the blueberries! When I was growing up, I can always remember the summer weekends during berry season at my Grandparents. I think because my Grandma would make a simple yet absolutely delightful instant vanilla pudding with fresh blueberries on top. Mmmm!

Well, you know me, clearly, I’m all about nostalgia these days so I knew I needed to make some for to cherish with Mr. B <3

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