Wawoori BBQ – Smoked Duck Restaurant in New City

We have to tell you about our dinner at Wawoori located in the New City area, Dongducheon, jihaengdong 684-4, South Korea. This place was DELISH!
We were told a good rule of thumb to follow here in Korea is if we are unsure of how the food is at a Korean restaurant look to see how busy they are around dinner time. It was almost 20:00 and this place is packed.

As soon as we hit the door to the restaurant we could smell all the good things we were about to order up. We were quickly greeted and invited into the restaurant and led to our seats by our waitress. We took notice that the restaurant featured traditional Korean style dining on the floor off to the right through an archway, as well as a section with large tables and chairs directly when you enter the restaurant.

The menu was easy to navigate because it features both pictures of the dish as well as the Korean and English version of what it is. Our waitress was so sweet! She spoke broken English but was so helpful and kept checking to see how we were doing with our grill and drinks and food.

Larry and I came for the duck and that is what we decided to order. We chose a platter that cost about $35,000w but really could have fed four people. The platter consisted of duck, pork belly (reminded me of juicy thick bacon), ribs, and some very good sausage, and a delicious sweet potato. The platter also comes with sides of kimchi, Jalapeños, onions, a Korean version of potatoes/pasta salad, and another side that we were not completely sure of.

Larry and I were both so glad that we walked to the restaurant because we ate so much food! Although, Mmmm… now just thinking about how amazingly juicy and tender everything was at this very second makes my mouth water! We will definitely be making a few trips back to get our duck-fix.

Please feel free to check out our pictures and comment. The restaurant is a chain and has a website however, it is in Korean www.wawoori.com.

On our walk back home we stopped by 7gram a coffee shop. Larry ordered his usual and I tried out a sweet potato pumpkin latte. My latte was actually very good! I think this might become my regular drink of choice at 7gram.

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