Vase Arrangement class

Autumn is a second Spring when every leaf is a flower — Albert Camus.

A few weeks ago I enrolled in a vase arrangement class in Seoul, at Cosmic Mansion. Today was the class, so I woke up and jumped on the train bound for Seoul. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I still remained very excited to try it out. All of the photos I got to see beforehand had me swooning.

There are different levels of the class, as well as different techniques. To name a few, there is French basket arrangement, hand-tied bouquet, and wreath.

I arrived at Cosmic Mansion and immediately was greeted by the store owner and Sunmi the class instructor. Sunmi spoke limited English, but was ever so patient and incredibly kind to me. I was truly grateful that she was willing to actually teach me.

There were only two of us in the class, it made it feel very personal and private, it was perfect! A special shout out to Gray! Hi Gray! Thanks again for being so sweet and helping too! Your arrangement was gorgeous!

All the materials were provided During the class and you will leave armed and bagged with everything you have made along with the confidence for arranging flowers on your own in the future.

What I learned from this class:

1. Don’t be afraid to work with a different colors and textures.
2. Measure the stems in comparison to the vase and remove any bottom leaves from the stems so that they look clean in the vase
2. Cut all the flower and greens stems at an angle
3. Various greenery sets the size and shape of your entire arrangement, so play close attention to height and shape as you go.
4. Once you have your greenery set, next start filling in your main focal flowers.
5. The last additions were the fun fuzzy wispy stalks (that is the formal name, right).
6. Stand back, admire and enjoy your handiwork.

We had lots of green scraps and small flowers left over so Sunmi told us to make a little hand tied arrangements to take along home as well.

I had such a great time, I signed up for another class!

Cosmic Mansion
용산구 한남동 684-62, Han nam dong, Seoul, South Korea



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